Potatoes with minced meat, red beans and mushrooms

Submitted by enr on 23 Jan 2014
1 kg potatoes
500 g minced meat
250 g of cooked, drained canned red beans
250 g mushrooms mushrooms
2 peppers - red and green
2 carrots
2 onions
30-50 ml sunflower oil or olive oil
black pepper, salt
1 tsp with peak ras el Hanoun and paprika
fresh parsley or coriander for sprinkling
optional: fresh chili or flakes
Potatoes with minced meat, red beans and mushrooms
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Potatoes cut into cubes as for moussaka. Onions and peppers cut into strips, mushrooms sliced, carrots into small pieces. In the oil fry the onion, add the minced meat fry crumbs. Add potatoes and carrots make up water to cover about 2 fingers. Put them all spices dish and leave to simmer until almost complete readiness of potatoes, to me it's about 15 minutes. Add other products, simmer for 10-ish minutes and sprinkle with chopped parsley or coriander.
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23 Jan 2014


Rally, the dish was very flavorful! I have long been threatening to try this spice ras el Hanoun and behold, that their turn. Except May I put a lot of water, as shown in the picture. I realized that there must be water 2 inches above products, but as I put my thought much. Does not have water to cover only 2 fingers of products in the pan?

Gerganche, looks great! No, do not misunderstand, just maybe your pot was wider and accordingly the water at the same depth is greater. But overall the dish is like yours, and my picture was taken after all ate and thus robbed sauce. And how do you like ras el Hanoun? I cook a long time with this mixture and many like her :)

intrigued me with this mixture ras el Hanoun. Here in Bulgaria has it? I'm sure I'll like it. The dish is tasty and want to try it.

Ivka I do not live in Bulgaria and no observations of Bulgarian market. The mixture is Moroccan, but is known worldwide. Maybe if you ask in Arabic shop will be able to tell you best whether and where it is. I climbed years ago recipe for this mixture, you can try to mix cm with what you can find on the market. Almost anything can be found in the Arab shop, and other things like root violets or galgant, or dried rose buds, here at least buy the pharmacy. I have ras el hanout three different locations and three mixtures are different emphasis. You can be mixed in small quantities, yet just to try, yet not your efflorescent, if you use it rarely :) Рас el Hanoun (Ras el Hanout)

rally, as I opened pakatcheto with spice, I loved it. Her added to the dish, the flavor became more pleasant. I'd use it often, but the dealer from whom I took was very expensive and for recipe that you say need many ingredients and do not know if I can find them. I will seek Arab shop - here with us all there, just to know where to look.

Gerganche if you have a Moroccan shop nearby - there is cheap. And here in German stores, if it exists, is very expensive. But a little further, in a small Moroccan store has it for 1/5 of the price of germatsite. This is because if they Moroccans see expensive - will order it directly from a known Morocco. With all nationalities is - where is differentiated national community appears and shop with typical food at affordable prices :)

And the Internet can be ordered cheaply - especially if you order other things.

I found her on the internet at a decent price, but will look and Moroccan shop. Rally, many thanks for the practical advice!

Thank you girls for a quick response. Will necessarily look for her. Let me just melt the snow. For now goes to Favorites ...And will definitely prepare the recipe. Thank you.