Shortbread with jam

Submitted by enr on 06 Jan 2013
225 g butter
135 g of white sugar
1 egg
1 rum essence
295 g flour
pinch of salt
jam for gluing
Shortbread with jam
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The butter must be very soft, but not only liquid. Blend it until the color did not lighten. At least add the sugar and stir until completely degradation. Can not be wrong hand, maybe with a mixer (I personally mix by hand). Add the egg (at room temperature) and mix well, pour the essence (mine is in small bottles as swatches of perfume). Sift flour and add it. The mixture must not become very thick. If so or flour you much or the butter has begun to tighten. Place the dough in a syringe with a star nozzle and spraying flowers, S-shaped forms or whatever else you want in a tray, covered with baking paper. You'll need 3 large trays. Leave them in the refrigerator until the butter in the dough tighten nice. Bake in preheated oven 177S degrees of average BBQ until browned a bit (about 10-15 minutes). But be careful not to overdone, because when removing them should be still slightly mekichki - will be tight as cool. Blind them with jam and enjoy.
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06 Jan 2013