Shortcake mucin

Submitted by enr on 15 Jan 2009
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
10 g baking powder (1 packet)
# For the syrup:
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water
125 g butter
3 tbsp cocoa
sunflower oil spreads
flour for dusting
Shortcake mucin
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Beat eggs with sugar, add the flour and baking powder. Put it into a greased and sprinkled with flour pan, bake in a moderate oven. For the syrup becomes heated water, adding the remaining product and stirred until dissolved sugar and cocoa butter. Cake cut into cubes and syrup.
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15 Jan 2009


Darche how boil syrup? Otherwise it sounds very easy and fast, bravo!

getting hot water in the microwave and then add other products, stir until melted and sugar is dissolved oil. Once I put it in the microwave and the oil is sprayed everywhere, so just put the water.

OK, I understood. I do not thicken as baklava. Thanks.

I put in syrup 100protsentovo cocoa, and became super tasty, something like American Brownie. ALL LISTED of appeal. :-)

Rally fabulous. When released Dari recipe when you make the cake?

Some fat not you put in the dough? And this in the microwave is a very nice idea. :) Aliana in US browniz, put cocoa in the dough and pour anything. :)

in the dough does not put fat for greasing the pan you fat.

doli.dd thanks for the reply.

It is very delicious cake, bravo Donate

I know, SweetyPie, do also brownies, but the result yesterday was surprisingly similar! Try and be confident. Maybe it was a dark cocoa? And the big glasses, which measured so that the cake was completely soaked. What was because gone, poor! :-)

Thanks! Glad you like it. I do it often, because there are many products and is quick, and children like him.

A also did yesterday and was very tasty. I returned from work was gone and I could not try it. I also did it with dark cocoa. On Saturday, I still do it. doli.dd thanks for the recipe.

I apologize to the valleys, DD Confused and username in the front post.

No problem, once again I'm glad you like it.

I did it. Wonderful cake, really mucin! Bravo! I added a picture

This cake is really great. I just tapravih and immediately eaten. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

I also did that but I felt somehow dry, although I put a cup and a half of water to syrup.

I replaced the water with milk, but to me it seems a little suhichak!

In order not to become dry in the dough, you can put a little (1/3 cup) oil in the dough.

THANK YOU! I'll try :)

Oh this mucin how much I like it :)

Thanks great slatkish aэ added two glasses of water became great mmm

Saturday will try it, since there are so nice comments. Bravo!

looks very appetizing pictures :) and is my favorite easy recipes :)

It was great, very tasty and sweet!

thank you very much for this recipe. Now go into the world of kulenariyata and this is one of my cakes Parwan. And this will be the first great cake. I can not vote anything else is excellent :)

great camp, and I thought that would happen suhichak but was great. not palnih to above the cup with flour and cut the cake when I did smaller squares and put the syrup in the cracks to PEMEN better than the syrup, then he poured on top. became really great :)

Before godiini FTE him very often, because many of them like my sons. I did another very easy, but I've never forgotten it. I must look it.

Nice cake, but I also added the marshes to 1/3 cup of oil and 1chasha sugar - and the icing is made with 2 cups milk and 1 cup sugar. It was a very tasty dessert.

great, fast, easy and delicious! :) I did it with a sauce of fresh milk instead of water became really delicious and fluffy and wholemeal flour put already as current flying sweets at me somehow enhanced by 2 pieces otherwise want more and more ... :)

just and I bake this cake, I want to ask you girls need to know the cake is cold when you lick or does not matter?

When you pour the cake or baklava one ingredient must be cold. In the case of cooled cake and warm syrup.

A little while ago I made the cake, and even tried it ... was very tasty :) but it syrupy 2 h. H water and 1 pm. H sugar to be more juicy

cake is amazing, thanks for the recipe is very tasty, eat immediately, and added a photo. Definitely Bookmark =)

I have read all the comments and I took the best of all :) It was amazing cake! :)

It was delicious :)

A syrup made from it 2h. including milk, 1h. including sugar, butter eye and 3c. l cocoa. For added marshes and 1/3 h. H oil. Was very tasty dessert.

bravo cake is great

bravo stayuoten for two days it tensions plied twice. Syrup did 1 4aena 4asha sugar and 2 4aeni 4ashi water in the dough dobazhih 134aena 4asha oil

It is very nice, I did it three times a week, we can not be satisfied him :)

Wonderful cake! It is very tasty! Excellent recipe! Congratulations! Already in favorites :)

is a great cake we like very easy and fast goes to Favorites :)

Very tasty cake! Bravo!

I love syrup sweets. This has a magical taste. :)

Very tasty. Syrup did it with 2 cups of milk, one sugar, cocoa and added a flavor of rum. Became wonderful :)

cake is quick, easy and very, very tasty