Spaghetti with kyopolou

Submitted by enr on 25 Jan 2012
400-500 g spaghetti
2 small onions
1 jar minced meat tomatoes (800 g)
400 g kyopolou
pepper, salt
sunflower oil
200 g minced meat
4-5 wheels fried eggplant
# For the sauce:
200 g mayonnaise
400 g yogurt
Spaghetti with kyopolou
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Cook pasta and drain. Add them 1 tbsp margarine, for not sticking. In a little sunflower oil fry the eggplant and onion until onion is tender. Add a little salt, tomatoes jar and the kyopolou, seasoned with black pepper.The sauce boil to thicken. Once it is ready to add the pasta. Fry the minced meat in a little sunflower oil and add to the pasta. Of mayonnaise and yogurt is a second sauce, which are served with spaghetti.
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25 Jan 2012


Something is revealed to me the meaning ... Why is it necessary to boil the pasta before their sauce is ready? In principle there is no need to put their fat to not stick together, and when they are ready to add pre-cooked sauce. But now comes my final confusion: If the mayonnaise and yogurt are the sauce for serving, then what is a tomato-eggplant sauce?

Rally, I think pasta with two sauces - one warm mince and mix with pasta and the other is cold and served more on request. Matter of taste :). For me personally, this combination of so many fat (margarine, minced meat, mayonnaise) is quite heavy, but that's my personal opinion, maybe it is delicious.

The picture spaghetti look quite appetizing.

Well, spaghetti with sauce 2, sorry that I have not mentioned.Milencha actually not heavy and I thought it would be when my former *mother-candidate* them, but are great to taste.Personally, it was adding to milk sauce and garlic, but I do not eat and that I have not mentioned.