Economical sponge cake without eggs with sweet

Submitted by enr on 15 Oct 2008
1 cup sweet
1 cup cold water
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3 cups flour
1 tbsp cocoa
1 vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon optional
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Economical sponge cake without eggs with sweet
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All stir well and pour into greased and floured form. Bake about 40 minutes in a moderate oven. More turns warm and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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15 Oct 2008


I made this cake - delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

I'm glad you liked it.

Since my sweet was more top I covered cake with jam instead sprinkle it with powdered sugar. By stirring products dough gets much thicker than common cake batter.

scrumptious cake get!

Bravo! Very tasty. I did it ogtore covered with chocolate.

Locks! Great idea for Lent! Thank you!

second ago I came out of the oven ... only apparently the court in which it Peko was greater for 30 minutes to get ready. Smells wonderful, very tasty, was very mekichak ...

Bravo! I hope to have more of your recipes added not expressly granted herein. I'll be glad to try each one of them.

Bravo! Very tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

Very nice recipehas just made it all the way and was surprised no milk, eggs
and became great and is very easy and fast

cake is great, even without the sweet think it will be very nice. Bravo for the recipe!

first unbelieving that will happen, but now I do it almost every Saturday for several months. Very good recipe.

I remember this cake of my childhood, my mom used to measure a jar of chutney :) -in them closing jam. I had forgotten that my domilya. Thanks to author!

except that she would put hot water, but apparently it does not matter. Quickly and easily and is suitable for people with allergies to milk and eggs!

We keksat- Terrific! Very economical and very tasty! Thanks for the recipe! Good luck to all! :)

Until now I had not done this but it was pretty cool!

is super, I did it a few times

Yesterday I was wondering what to do with cake less products because the refrigerator was poizpraznil, no one was walking to the store, and we ate sweet. I came across this recipe and I was very pleased with the outcome. I did it with sweet quince. Peko it in the halogen oven. Cake became very mekichak and aromatic. For our taste brings a little sugar, but the reason may be in the sweet. Already often will do, will experiment with another kind of sweet. Thanks for the nice recipe!

really becomes very delicious cake, I put a cup walnuts, chopped.

Thank you very much! I despair for a moment that nothing homemade dessert to put together koletche to London, given a few day trip, but this is the perfect cake Missing egg is my salvation.

Today I did great, really liked, and so economical. Thanks for the recipe!

stahotna is a recipe for people with allergies is very good :)

Many successful recipe. I improvised-Paiute baskets in mono-get is original, upload photos :) Thanks for the recipe: *

It is really, really good recipe! Since I made the cake in a cake with oatmeal and a banana and get a very tasty and healthy.

great cake and quick. In our often done.

is very tasty and very quickly prepared

Very well get all like. Thanks for the recipe.

Bravo! It was superb! With pleasure and eat the same day prepared a second dose!

For quite some time I do this cake and it always wonderful!

great cake! Moreover, because of allergies can not eat milk and eggs. Thanks for the recipe!

momi4eta tell me to lower grill you pe4e

dear pepina71 include your oven if it is strong of 180 grams, and bake for about 40 minutes, it is gorgeous my family liked it a lot.

thanks, I'll try to do it, may become spolu4liv

Great recipe, I can not believe that without eggs and milk can be obtained such a cake! Thanks very much to the author

Is it possible to get instead of jam with fruit puree (from baby) and has no cocoa?

Wonderful! : D

Tasty! Thanks for the recipe :)

great, last time I did it with strawberry jam, much liked by all. Thanks for the recipe 6 from me!

Hello, Thanks for the recipe! So far I've made cake 2 times. The first was not particularly successful with an improvised recipe. Then I found and tried this. Became perfect. Sweet was blueberry. The next time there will be nuts.
Merry and Happy New Year!

It was a great cake. Thank you!

upload photo

Congratulations, great, I added a little grated orange peel.

Very tasty cake happened! And I do it in this recipe for years (I wonder how come I did not film) :) :) Now with wild blackberries.

Reni, 1/2. H. Sugar seems too little! There are 1 pm. Sweet, but still, whether getting enough sweet cake? Do you feel the taste of soda in not slaked or cinnamon kills her? Thanks in advance for the info! :)

Bobby, if you like more sweet :) increased sugar cake really is not very sweet (us however not particularly bother us) :) Even I usually put it with 2. L. Cacao (like it is saturated with cocoa taste). Cinnamon miss it, and soda in January slake lime juice, so do not feel :)

Great cake ... fast, economical and tasty. Became my favorite :)

It was great, very tasty congratulations for the recipe. I used pine honey and grated orange peel.

great quick recipe wonder became :)