Fried slices

Submitted by enr on 24 Nov 2008
5-6 slices of bread
2 eggs
3-4 tbsp milk optional
fat frying
Fried slices
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Beat eggs with milk. Each slice soak both sides in this mixture and fry in preheated oil. Serve with sugar, jam, feta cheese, cheese, sausages or other of your choice.
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24 Nov 2008


classic recipe! Does anyone not like french toast?

And if IMI someone who does not know it!

I do them with yogurt as no fresh: D

frizli believe me there are those who first heard french toast .. Especially in my company ..

Many delicious Bravo :);)

A lot of them obi4ame morning with the coffee :)

Viliya, very appetizing picture! Fried slices are my favorite breakfast on Saturday morning for example! :)

Thanks .. and we love many weekends to snack such village :)

Always do them with water instead of milk and a pinch of baking bread. Again become very tasty and not remain ...

One of our favorite snacks, my only option is to dip in beaten egg (do not put milk). Ready slices sprinkled with sugar! :)

mmm ... divine :)

favorite breakfast :) And I do not put milk. Eat them with cheese and honey or jam.

very favorite! :) The scent of fried bread in the morning is ... mmm And if you get if you put yogurt in place of fresh?

Remove milk and become awesome. If you want to not *swallow* many eggs, sprinkle previously toast with water (with a natural taste and super color) or milk (become slimy and testyani). Never saw him write a pinch of salt, which definitely gives a taste of the egg. If you want to become even more aromatic and delicious - the egg add savory, poi, colorful salt, nutmeg or a spoonful of honey (the combination is even better). But ... milk ... eggs spoil as dense taste and appearance of the bread (made on the spot ... in places insufficient golden yellow in places - toasted)