Chicken cutlets Tenderness

Submitted by enr on 07 Aug 2009
400 g chicken
egg 1
3-4 tbsp mayonnaise
3 tbsp starch
salt, pepper and spices of your choice
Chicken cutlets Tenderness
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Cut the meat into small pieces. The egg is mixed with mayonnaise, salt, pepper and other seasonings, starch is added and mixed thoroughly. Mix meat and egg mixture is left in the refrigerator for 2 hours. If left in for 1 day is better. Insert the mixture with a spoon in a heated fat (not very strong, because there is mayonnaise) and fry until golden on both sides over medium heat.
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07 Aug 2009


Bravo BABY, zadalzhitlno will try the recipe but as an amendment will put a little rosemary and had breakfast .. but watch them hungry :)

:) it buci, spices are to taste. I think that is a good recipe. :)

can also be marinated in advance with a little mustard.

What delicious meals! Will definitely try!

Yes, Maggie is raw, cut into very small pieces.

Thank Vesi, and I will try it :)

Bravo looks great! Otivaa Bookmark

A big BRAVO! We tried them and biahme delighted! Miracles!

Chrissy, chicken with mushrooms you had the menu today?

Wonderful recipe, tried them at home. Congratulations!

What could be better than some good reviews! I am glad that you liked the recipe :)

Starhotna recipe. Bravo! Tonight I made them and licking their fingers. Congratulations!

Rally sorry for the late reply, but now I found time to sit on the company. Yes it was our menu Chicken with mushrooms! They were awesome!

Try it Comprehensive super pieces of meat were juicy and tender, but by gorchitsaa were slightly spicy ... will do in the future.

Starch can you replace it with something else?

Flour ought to do the same thing, except the breading will be slightly whiter in color before frying. I do not think there is a problem, at least I personally would not trade it without fear.

Yes, I made them and put flour became great.

made them the same day. So she did, swapped it with flour. Became great.

It feels great recipe. Immediately it out and then do it very often. The meat becomes tender and very very tasty. Congratulations for BABY!

Many successful recipe! Do it for the New Year holidays, and not only!

I am very glad that the recipe is liked by all. Once my son / student in Blagoevgrad / himself began to make it there, so it's really tasty. And he is very fickle :) And thank you very much for the congratulations!

How about if the chicken pieces are strung on skewers in advance, stay in the marinade and fry?

ivka, just does not happen :) It will be something like breaded skewers. But you know, until you try, you can not know. I personally have not done it as a skewer, but I will try :)

How about if for a change in the recipe chicken fillet replaced with fish?

I am the rules fish with mayonnaise and very tasty. I think that fish will become, pangasius, carp .. If fillet will be best.

Just pangasius I meant. Will try and write the result.

Bravo were very tasty. Excellent recipe!

are really great! MMMMMMMMMMMMM-vkusnooo and poleznooo!

Incredibly delicious and easy chops. Children barely waited to poizstinat.

lu4a, shows that barely waited to cool fillet :) I see a greedy little hand there :)) Starch natural, right?

Yes, corn starch natural.

Thanks for the reply.As soon as possible will try.To favorites - waiting line :)

Great recipe. Regularly turned to it prepare :) Today I tried to throw the chicken with white fish - get a very tasty :)

sorry - mistake: not throwing and replace

I tried them. Incredible. I swapped starch flour and get super.

A great recipe! From myself I added little soy sauce and mustard.

This is one of the best recipes on the site!

Really superb recipe. Licking his fingers (as they say). Another time a double dose not reached us.

very nice with me as I read the good reviews for the recipe. Glad you like it all :)

Wonderful recipe, how alone missed so far goes to Favorites soon will try.

Thanks for the recipe! Very tasty chops!

Who the devil made me read this razshkona recipe? Greatis stuck!

This recipe will definitely do often've wanted to try this last night and had dinner. Very tasty! :)

Are Unable to add a little wine, beer or water and consequently more starch?

They look very well. The recipe goes to Favorites and soon will try.

Very good recipe! I recommend it to everyone:)

recipe long I waited, but after I did today chestichko will be present at our table! It was very tasty! I join the opinion that this is one of the most successful recipes, I've come across! Thank you, BABY!

I already do them quite often, really successful recipe :)

Excellent recipe! Prepare Z and all home like it :)