Specialty * Royal marquee *

Submitted by enr on 13 May 2013
# roller:
4 pork chops
seasoning for pork
# For the filling:
1 boiled egg
2-3 mushrooms
50 g smoked bacon
50 g processed cheese
10 olives
1-2 pickles
50 ml red wine
# For the kebabs:
150-200 g cheese
150-200 g ham
150-200 g processed cheese
# For breading:
3 tbsp flour
50 g breadcrumbs
2 eggs
# For the sauce:
250 g mushrooms
150-200 ml cooking cream
100 ml white wine
salt and pepper
# For decoration:
tomatoes, olives, lemon
Specialty * Royal marquee *
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Shape steaks thinly them flavored with spices. For the filling pre-cook the mushrooms in a little butter. Cut the egg, olives, pickles and processed cheese cubes and bacon sticks. On each steak put the filling and screw it better to roll. Arrange the finished rolls in a baking dish, pour red wine, some water and sunflower oil. Cover with foil and bake until ready - about 35-40 minutes. Cut the ham, cheese and processed cheese cubes. Take the wooden skewers and arrange 4 with cheese, ham 4 and 4 with processed cheese (for each portion in a different skewer). Breaded them in the following order - flour, egg, bread crumbs, egg and fry until golden on both sides. Cut the mushrooms into slices to the sauce, saute them in 1-2 tbsp sunflower oil, pour white wine and cream. Cook a few minutes. In a plate put in a roll, pour it with mushroom sauce. Take on a different skewer (cheese, processed cheese and ham), straighten them up as a tent and fasten with half a tomato. Garnish with lemon and olives.
Very difficult
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13 May 2013


Dobby original recipe! Very suitable for a family holiday or welcoming guests. At first glance seem laborious, but it is not so complicated. Great idea! :)

Thanks! Really is not difficult, just takes plenty of time. I have prepared this recipe for New Year, my guests impressed. I was scheduled to make and a breaded slice as *sofa* in the shutters, and from countries fries, but I did not have time, and you had other appetizers and dishes and decided there was no need.

Very good proposal. Tasty and original.