Pork with cabbage

Submitted by enr on 16 Oct 2007
600-700 g pork
1/3 cup oil - sunflower oil or pork lard
2 onions
1 tsp paprika
2-3 tomatoes
1 bouillon cube
1 cabbage (large)
1-2 tbsp flour
citric acid
Pork with cabbage
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The meat is cut into portions and fry in fat. Add the onion, finely chopped, red pepper, diced tomatoes and stew. Salt lightly. Cabbage is cut into strips and was triturated with a little salt, citric acid and was added to the meat. Then crushed bouillon cube, scatter is 1-2 tbsp flour, spices and pour a little water. Stir the meal and transfer tray. Bake in oven for 2 hours.
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16 Oct 2007


two hours too, one hour-180-190gradusa and instead of flour 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs, maymate daf. 2 separated into a sheet and put into the two ends of the baking pan being removed after preparation

I do it in muddy stew becomes even more delicious!

A great recipe .. Reminded me of grandma dishes from childhood!

great recipe makes her yet 4 putt bravo

A great recipe! Since I found only her prepare cabbage, but I like ninkata1 in casseroles. :)

recipe is great! To me come a little much seasoning, but the family liked her and goes to *My Favorites*

And I like this recipe, the only thing to add is more carrot and a few mushrooms, it is great!

Very tasty! Thanks! Just such recipe looking for. You can add a little cayenne pepper or hot pepper.

Hello! Today I made this recipe super camp. I evaporate the water, but it is very tasty! Thank you :)

good day. Can instead of fresh tomatoes to put canned?

and I tried to get! Thank you.

amazing recipe!

It was great!

I just fulfilled it! Is delicious! Taking into account that I'm a man, but you must feed her son and rely only on *cheerful chef* without recipes I can do only sandwiches!

Excellent recipe, thank you shared it!

I make fresh cabbage in a saucepan on the principle, but decided to try a different recipe and stopped at this in baking pan it Peko from 16. 15 to 19. 15 now and nothing was received, the cabbage is still crunchy and white. Why so happened, and I really have a lot of spices. And so I ate zelentse :(

brilqntina, if you bake him three hours to no avail probably something wrong with your oven.

Three hours without result? Very strange! Or as Nevi oven is not in order, or cabbage is a nesvaryaemo ... I had not heard of such a thing.

With the oven to do other things, then is not it, but obviously cabbage at the moment is not good, but still feel like eating.

Ba! Kvi two hours and three hours kvi baking! Who has time to BAE zelentseto of so long a time !?This is one the most commonly pork with cabbage, but I'm dying for that. Very traditional recipe, but a true classic.
So I am not a specialist in any case, but a year and something I am retired and try in cooking, so that my wife is super committed. Use only recipes Jolly cook and I am multi-au-CSO pleased.
This zelentse today I did strongly shortened procedure. I recommend it to you - in the pressure cooker first zaparzhih mestse (open pot of course), then naturyah top pretritoto with zelentse of salt, hung pan, boil fifteen minutes, then Add all in the baking pan and into the oven for another fifteen minutes became directly splendid pork zelentse.
A! The author missed bay slip, but then everyone who ate pork with cabbage known to put and bay sheet. Anyway thank ivka for the great recipe. Bravo!

Why put citric acid? What helps cabbage?

Hmm, now I read that citric acid and citric acid is not the same. In general this is not a useful acid. So can you miss?

Excellent recipe! Only me cook faster than 2:00 :)

I do not put citric acid, tomatoes play this role. Do not put water, but only grated tomatoes, this juice is sufficient and zelentseto becomes slightly kiselko superb.

Yes, I missed daf. sheet and chopped 1-2 peppers which fried with onions. I'm glad you like the recipe. Well, is not fast, but good dishes are on a slow fire. So I know from my grandmother.

Great recipe, it was very tasty. Instead of citric acid put lemon juice.

great recipe, it was very tasty.