Baked potatoes with spices

Submitted by enr on 26 Jan 2010
3 potatoes
1 tbsp red pepper
2-3 tbsp olive oil
Baked potatoes with spices
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Peel the potatoes and cut into sticks. Add salt with salt and pepper, sprinkle with olive oil and mix well with your hands. Put to a layer in a baking dish with baking paper on the bottom. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C with a fan, the average BBQ, about 20 minutes. You can add other spices of your choice. * Can be used frozen sliced ​​potatoes.
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26 Jan 2010


My children love potatoes. Thanks for the idea.

On the palate become like fried, but are much -zdravoslovni! Thank you :)

I do them as well wash the potatoes, unpeeled them cut in half and arrange the cut half in greased pan. They say their *Nadupeni potatoes.*Will do and your option because like potatoes, but avoid them fried.Great suggestion, bravo Maggie!

I am a fan of Nadupenite potatoes! A little more of these I put the red pepper / 2sl / but small eat them all and so. Thanks Ina :)

Bravo Maggie again good recipe

Excellent idea to replace fried! Bravo! Goes to favorites and will be tested!

Maggie, I need something easy tonight, but I have baking paper. I want to do something to replace paper for baking?

Look what I found the picture. And those fries are also baking paper made. I had a whole roll, but finished it .. maleee want them these fries ..

Bravo, they are great. I do not like fries and at the first opportunity to try these.

Rossi, a film can be obtained, so I do like bake a cake and no paper. Thank you all) :)

Aaaa, I already made them :) I found a piece of baking paper, Otani was in the locker and use it 2 times. Very tasty fries and most importantly, they are healthy and not fat swallowed. Bravo, Maggie!

We tried fries. Bravo for the idea. Who still wonders, let's try, the result is great!

I made them with foil, a little stuck, but the taste is just like fried and ate them all in no time. Thank you Maggie that share it with us!

Here are my fries. No paper baking, but why does it swapped to film.

Ive, Fanny and me so stick, but if left for 5 minutes to cool will separate more easily. Thanks a lot :)

made them. Were great! I baked them in a Teflon pan and I put baking paper. Sprinkled them with mild chilli. That they were not tried, to try them! Will not regret :) Here are my pictures :)

After be cut can be cooked slightly (just to soften without Braising). Roll we put in an envelope spices and flour (about 1 tablespoon), we drop the drained potatoes and shaking inside. So much easier Roll evenly fries. Since last May, the spices are suitable mixes for baked meats :)

Oleeeeeeeee no words are great, really like fried. That they were not tried not to wonder at all.

Yes, it is, chudnichki today :) I have recommended them to several people :)

Sweet- happened to me fried meatballs. Thank you Maggie for the great idea.

Kartoofkite became very vkusniiiiiiii. To tell them how I napraih. I put the potatoes in a plastic bag, pour a packet of Maggie fix / Juicy chicken with garlic /. I added a few lumps of butter and put them in a baking dish then with baking paper. Stananaha prevaazhodni. Maggie and I thank you for the excellent proposal.

eeee, a great idea is to Fix! If put in the bag raw, whether you get? Thank Desitata :)

Maggie last week Paiute grilled fish and garnish do these fries / raw / but in the bag. And so were very tasty.

thank Desi, will try them in the bag!

easy and delicious, Bravo!

Bravo Maggie delicious as always :)

Thank you for the great recipe! Are amazing!

MMMMMMMMMM very tasty fries. Tonight we ate them I made them a quarter domestic oil Maggie thanks for divine recipe and health. No longer fry potatoes man very like them. Quick, easy and delicious fries Maggie.

Wonderful rose. Thanks for the recipe.

Very tasty fries, wonderful! Tastier and fried. Quickly and easily. I have not put baking paper or foil, a little stuck on the bottom, but we ate them in no time sweet, sweet :)

health prisedinyavam to you.Potatoes were wonderful!And do not stick I put foil and sprinkled with oil.And upload my photos.Thanks for the recipe !!!

Thank you for the nice words! You are great :)

my oven is not a fan, but I decided to do them. Peko them quite long, but worth it. Were wonderful, really resemble fried! Thanks for the recipe :)

potatoes were wonderful! No paper baking baking pan and put in the film. Thank you Maggie for the board to leave to cool a little, so really come off easily.

Mimicheta, I'm glad that you received successful :)

I approached with great confidence - potato with fat for 20 minutes ?! Nonsense! I am very glad that I was wrong, were great!

buba29, are really great, thank you for the trust :)

And the girls because I want to do just that in the recipe says 3 pcs. and I will do so more wonder and had to put water or will only happen if I sprinkle them with olive oil?

No, do not put water-even if they are more than 3 pcs.

Thanks for the reply. We'll try it immediately.

Desi, thanks for answers, no water is put, and the amount of potatoes is given for spices :)

Desi Maggie thanks for your quick response. Fries were just great. Were so delicious that Maya will often do.

danielbonev -this is certainly not tomato-image is the author of the recipe. Plenty of red pepper will think.

And well done.

Last bought paprika and as I touched her skin with wet hands painted red, a greater percentage in pepper was red paint, threw it correct version pictured colors can also get a strong color or says tillia -well cooked.

And I think that the red pepper is mixed with fat and then fries are mixed with this mixture. Really are very tasty, as fried, but with much less fat.

I did not use tomato sauce, fries I prepared exactly as I describe, obviously very pepper / store / was a stronger color. Otherwise, little more I have baked, it is! Thanks to all who've helped explanations :)

Something came over me. Apparently because it Peko 260 degrees instead of 180 degrees and I put 1 kg potatoes. What do you think? Inside were raw, but isahnaha out.

magi71 how many degrees you win and how long?