Salad Ropotamo

Submitted by enr on 08 Oct 2007
500 g beans
1 jar peas
1 jar of pickles
1 kg carrots
1.5 kg red peppers
2.5 kg tomatoes
parsley optional
# For the marinade:
400 ml sunflower oil
200 ml vinegar
1-2 tbsp paprika
100 g salt
200 g sugar
bay leaf
Salad Ropotamo
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All products marinade mix in a saucepan and put on the stove. In the boiling marina sauté chopped carrots and peppers for 25 minutes, add chopped tomatoes in large pieces and boil 25-30 minutes. Then there are added peas and cucumbers and leave for another 5-10 minutes. Remove from heat and add cooked and drained beans. Distributed into the jars, which are sterilized for 5-10 minutes.
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08 Oct 2007


Better happens if tomatoes are scoured in advance and the dose is very small.

salad is great! I put tomato paste.

Well, do not you fish with boiled vegetables? What fish put Maggie?

Galya, some acquaintances gave me to try how they get it done. I loved it and so I put a photo. But will ask them and will write again :)

to4no so Galia fish boil SAS zele4utsite many slsb Ogan ,. 3-4 4asa while the fat remains 4ernomorskata is the best but can sas slsdkovodna ... babu6ka carp .. and Sulka. t. nt becomes just super

Hello, all recipes wrote sterilized for Eddie how minute, I do not understand what this means, for those minutes what we do in the meantime stay or what you do not understand, please explain to me all what means exactly what we do in those minutes?
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Sterilization is a method of preservation and is achieved by boiling when it comes to preserves in jars. The minutes show how long should neck jars. Hopefully you've useful.

Thank you very chunky, really well explained it to me, I do not give was clear, many thanks, greetings Katja!

Hello! I ask something about how the jar is the quantity and what are they? Thank you!

I remembered something else if I tomatoes instead of tomato puree how to put it?

Every year we make this salad. Ideal winter garnish to grilled meats or simply as a salad for appetizer. And we build it up with tomato paste - 1 kilo put, but as our recipe is a double dose of published here, then 500-600 g should be sufficient. It is best to judge the eye. Tomato paste is put to weld the other products, at least at home in it to do :) I hope I was helpful. :)

I really want to make this salad but can not figure out when to put fish. If anyone can help me clarify I will be thankful :)

The fish can be added before serving. For example half an hour earlier to take the flavor of the fish. It is not profitable to waste more electricity because of something and so can be done, though not in the manner described in the recipe. And another thing - I use my my home chutney instead of raw tomatoes or tomato paste. Generally do not use sealer drive eye. I saw no onions in the recipe - I put red. It try!

I did not find anywhere fishermen neither products nor in the making. Why so kometira fish?

I want to ask you a salad can be frozen in boxes instead of sterilized? I sterilized conditions, and the pan fits my 4 jar and if it is not high.

The recipe is very nice and successful. Because I prepared a large amount of products I put some eye but salad again became great.

A great salad! I make it in already the second time, there is nothing left in the jars :)

Today I did a dose of salad! The only change I made: after mature beans added to other vegetables, pour everything into a large pan and zapekoh in the oven for 10-15 minutes! Falsified except parsley, black pepper and garlic cloves. My son first experience and it *unique flavor* :) :) :)

It was a very nice

My jars already inflated caps ... Very angry ... I think the recording time for cooking was too little. :(