Sponge layered cake

Submitted by enr on 04 Nov 2009
3 ready sponge the base (square)
400 g sour cream
1/2 cup sugar (or to taste)
1 cup juice light compote (or sugar syrup 1 cup of water and 2-3 tbsp sugar)
3-4 tbsp marmalade or jam
chocolate or chocolate chips to decorate
Sponge layered cake
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Each of the bases is divided into two equal parts (to give the base 6 of a length about 24 cm and a width of about 12 cm). Cream mix cream with sugar. Each of the bases when assembling the cake is soaked with juice or compote sugar syrup. The first and second base is smeared with cream, the third - with jam, fourth and fifth - with cream. With the rest of the cream smeared cake top and sides. Sprinkle with grated chocolate or chips.
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04 Nov 2009


Ham is a quick, yet very tasty. I whip the cream lightly with sugar, sometimes add a bit of stepche to flavored fruit.

proposal for you stepcheto is very appropriate! Just saw and oversight in the recipe and corrected - is exactly - Beat the cream with the sugar. Thank you!

Vesi, come now and an explanation for me - what is stepche? Ina, can you tell me how many grams are those prepared cake or how thick? There is no square cake ... There are round, 28 cm in diameter, with three layers. As for the large round cake. If you use them, for example - how to take? Or if you trust them alone in the big baking pan of oven - how mixture will I need? As for example a roll? As always - your recipes are very tempting and abilities of each, bravo!

Rally, STEP, e soft drink powder, which was dissolved in water. A boards are sponge, about 0. 5 cm thick.

Leleeee, 0.5 cm? Never could I trust so thin crust! You'll have to think of another solution. :-(.

Rally, the cake can be made with any willing and sponge cake, etc., rectangular and round. I just now had a sponge purchased by Kaufland and therefore called a *sponge* Cheap is Okorsh 3 lev Three ponds are in a package. There cocoa and vanilla. You can use and make a cake for roll and then to cut the strips; Maybe instead of jam to put fruit compote. Top to adorn otherwise. Cream can be dry. It was just an idea for a quick, simple cake, especially if unexpected guests come.

make it today, you know that very honor sour cream:-) I'll say what I've done ...

Super proposal giving us Ina! And many variants can be obtained! Bravo!

Ina, I made the recipe yesterday - obacheeeee. I made a cake recipe mani. My son, however, wanted to roll, so that it spread with jam and cream sour cream, as you wrote, and it rolled - as recipe heels. Decked him like yours here - with cream and chocolate. May not be angry any of you both! But the result is fantastic! The recipe for this cake is here: Шоколадово roll with cream .

What sulks sweetheart! On the contrary - I am very happy. For me, this is the goal - to give an idea, from here on everyone to adapt the recipe according to the products there as fantasy. As Maggie writes - many options. And cake and photos you are wonderful! Bravo!

Without comment ... put in order not to repeat the other superlatives for the recipe! I got only a picture of what work!

I'm glad you liked the cake. Made her great! Congratulations!

Vesi, made his fabulous decorations! Great ideas!

This cake January prepare each week. Both fast, easy and hem hem very very tasty! Among the latter must put bananas and strawberries and became more beautiful. Thanks for the recipe!

Zornitsa, and your idea is great! If you get a chance pictures.

The last time I made with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries ... became incredible! Inche just give MIGHT ... :) Photos nyamya are different from what is posted ... :)

Zori, and your offer is great! As I have written below - I gave the idea and from there - fancy! Upload photos - see - each has created something interesting and original.

This cake is great! I have rules, it is very tasty! And well it seems. Very nice recipe!

I used pastry cream My Day, which is sweet enough and did not have to break it with sugar or syrup to the latter must not.

Bonnie gave her another idea! Side with ground walnuts you decorate it?

Yes, and top with grated chocolate :) And another thing - to stand firm cream, as I did at the time gelatine used a cream Ole Dr. Oetker. Sufficient for 1 liter of cream.

Bonnie intrigued me! Can a little more detail - to prepare the cream according to the indication and mix it with the shattered cream or stir it together with the cream?

Ina began to whipped cream / pastry My Day - 1 l / blender. After 1-2 minutes I do not thicken enough and added 1 packet of Ole cream with vanilla Dr. Oetker directly Beat cream. Thickens quickly, even after the latter must slepih cream remained firm. And then I did with spray decoration with the same cream.

I use this brand cream, but I Beat with a mixer. Very well crashes and becomes quite hard, but I will try with this cream. Thanks for the idea.

Bonnie, thank you for the idea!

Tillia, I substituted sugar in the cream pot of chocolate! It was perfect, the cake is light and mnogooo delicious! :)

Orris, good - very good offer! Looks great and I am glad that you liked the cake :)

Is pastry cream or sour in these pot?

Elena wrote: *400 grams of sour cream*

/ Thank you, because I read the comments and confectionery.

Elena, I I've made with sour cream, but it's just thrown idea :) Note the comments - every girl her trimmed on its taste. So the decision is yours - you and liquid confectionery or dry. Whatever you have, whatever you like! Good luck! :)

When I want to prepare a quick cake, reach for this recipe! Sponge cake from the store pudding, dose fantasy and voila! :)

Orris, I'm glad that he did it again! Many rights dose fantasy! :)

Cakes much I can do, but this attracted me that will not dissect base, which does not at all I suck. I did fairly easily and quickly left it overnight in the fridge and try it today. I decided to risk it and not syrup, I'm not wrong. Very very delicious!

Snow, ready cake is quick and trouble-free cakes. My people like syrup, but if you like a dry, not moist. I am glad that here you add a picture - very fresh look! :)

I really like this Pastry, this time between the latter must put sliced ​​peach. Tomorrow will we cut.

Snow, is great! I am very glad that use the recipe and every time you deposit something new, with the result that you created another yummy! :)

wow how nice cake :)

Ina, thank you again! :) Pastry is a great, very light and delicious! As always, there is not time enough for me. Put together it on quickly, not perfect type, but will get a picture. :)

Bobby, I'm glad you caption *tasty* under the photo! :) In this cake not looking perfect appearance. It is fast and easy, with products available. In this season you brought it great with fresh cherries. :)

cake this week: again ready sponge cake, cream cake recipe Choco-Cheese and white grapes! Just - perfection! :)

iris, cake looks and you held it so appetizing! Another you irresistible version of this easy cake! Thank you! :)

Very easy and delicious!

incredibly easy and delicious cakes. Congratulations to the author. Put a picture of my creation :)

Simon, I'm glad that you like cake! :)

anita_m, thank you! The picture shows that the cake is cooked in a pleasant occasion. Pleased that you liked! :)

cake groomed for today Color holiday! Cream this time *Station*. Very tasty and chocolate get :)

Pepi, great photos! The cake looks very appetizing :)

Reni, thank you, was very tasty cake! :)

iris, again unleashed his imagination and give amazing chocolate temptation! :)