Starter spiders

Submitted by enr on 03 Feb 2011
12 eggs
# For the filling:
100 g of ham or sausage
100 g feta cheese or cottage cheese
1 tbsp sour cream (drained yogurt)
1 tbsp olive paste
1 tbsp mayonnaise
12 boiled yolks - eggs
salt and pepper
# For garnish:
olives, pitted
Starter spiders
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Eggs cook 13-15 minutes. Once cool peel and curly knife, cut lengthwise into two halves. To be stable, is cut less than the convex portion of the egg white to make it flat. Separate the egg yolks. The ham is cut very thin and small - must be able to pass through an extruder. The filling is prepared by mixing the egg yolks and remaining egg whites, the feta cheese, ham, olive paste, mayonnaise, cream, season to taste with salt and pepper and mix everything with a fork in a homogeneous paste. The mixture was placed in a syringe and filled one by one egg white. For the preparation of payachetata - cut to 1 olive length of 2 halves. One half is used for the body of the spider. The other half (or quarter - depends on the size of an olive) cut 8 feet. The filling is placed on their body of the spider and around - eight feet, 4 on both sides.
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03 Feb 2011


Very sweet and original! I like the recipe record in favorites. Thank you!

Super are these spiders :) very original idea.

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Very original! Bravo!

Oh, big Members are! Congratulations!

I am very glad that you like and you. In brackets I gave products with which we can replace the original. I had olive paste and put in the stuffing little mustard. Naturally, the filling may be another effect of payachetata. This is just an idea.

Many original spiders have received. Congratulations :)

Thanks for the great idea!

Congratulations! Great appetizers!

Incredibly beautiful are obtained. Several pyti them ready and my guests are enchanted ...

Krasianio, very glad that you made them and they liked you :).

were delicious and very effective.

megi1976, I'm glad that you tested the recipe and the response is positive! :)