Steak stew with processed cheese, carrots and onions

Submitted by enr on 07 Apr 2012
1 kg pork or chicken steak
200 g processed cheese
2 carrots
2 onions
300 ml white wine
250 g mushrooms
1 tbsp flour
1 tsp coriander
soy sauce
Steak stew with processed cheese, carrots and onions
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Chops stay 24 hours in a marinade of white wine, coriander and soy sauce. Then fried and stacked in stew with carrots cut into strips, onion and mushrooms. Pour the flour, dissolved in 1 cup water. Top put processed cheese. Bake for about 45 minutes at 250c.
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07 Apr 2012


Super! Will try mandatory, this expensive lamb ... Easter May we will have the pig!

will try necessarily goes to Favorites

amazing are currently in the oven smell nice

Nelly, great work! Use the ready pork roll, added and fries! Great dish!

steaks are amazing - got very tender and succulent as I thought. The only thing that changed is that it zaparzhih onion in the fat of the meat. I also combine them with roasted potatoes, perfectly complementary.

milena75, I'm glad that you liked pazholkite :)!

Maybe I'm hungry, I have eaten *r* of steak :) :) :)

Nelly, thanks! :) All home said, it is very tasty! After the steak, zaparzhih them, cut them in chunks. As I Milenka zaparzhih not only onions, and carrots, and mushrooms and. At the end, remove the cover stew for a bit but not really. I admit sauce not stay but it was incredibly delicious! During this time, preparation and pumpkin for tomorrow. My work became a little burn pot. ;)

Bobby, I'm glad that you were tasty :)! :) Happy Holidays!

Marinara puts you in casseroles to cook and she.

ani4ka12 I do them with the marinade, so the sauce becomes tasty, but a matter of taste! :) Happy New Year Eve! :)

For me marinade almost covered by the steaks and the remainder add it in a pot. I also think that the sauce is so delicious.

Thank you girls that responded and answered me, I'm already ready but when I try to write.

Very tasty and everyone left happy and fed and kept repeating that it is very tasty thanks for the recipe and got photos.

ani4ka12, very glad that you have been delicious! :) Happy New Year! Good health and good luck to your family!

Nelko again enjoyed a delicious dinner! Steaks are back on the bites. :)

Bobby, I'm glad that you like the recipe :) !!Look very appetizing !! :)