Sweet semolina oven (Griessschmarrn-Auflauf)

Submitted by enr on 09 Aug 2009
3 eggs
60 g butter or margarine
1 liter milk
2 tbsp raisins optional
1 tsp salt
1 package vanilla sugar
rind of 1 lemon, grated
250 g semolina
100 g of sugar (or more)
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Sweet semolina oven (Griessschmarrn-Auflauf)
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Boil the milk with the salt and add the semolina. Boil over low heat, stirring with a wire, until thickened (takes 5 minutes). Allow to cool. Beat the egg yolks, the butter, sugar, lemon zest and vanilla sugar until a creamy mass. Add to up the cold semolina and stir well. Egg whites are broken down into the snow and add along with the raisins to the semolina. The form is coated with plenty of butter, the mixture was poured into it and is baked for about 1 hour at 200 C. Serve warm or cold, sprinkled with powdered sugar. When heat goes with a ball of vanilla ice cream, cold with whipped cream or sweetened sour cream.
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09 Aug 2009


This meal remind me of a similar recipe of my mother. Will let her go. And this goes to favorites. God, with these delicacies will come saved pounds!

sometimes put inside and fruit pieces, depending on the season. The most we like apples and apricots.

Oh thank you so much for this recipe Rally, I was there quite often I prepared this meal, but somewhere I lost the recipe. It incredible delicacies :) but why I think that in 10 minutes is stirring ... or lie :?

See recipe Tilia there confused, not having to type it? Furthermore, there are recipes as much as households have, and the best method argue and experienced chefs:-)

I was looking for exactly your recipe for which I thank you very much! And the rest I completely agree with you :) (maybe I something wrong with this stirring)

Does it matter in what form will bake - pan cake form, other silicone form?

It does not matter if Namaste thoroughly, does not stick. If you do in the pan, you still hot to put on a wet cold towel, hissed. Tak and gripped roast separated. If high form bake less visible it became golden brown. Good luck:-)

This recipe is already my favorite :)

Two years stay in this favorite recipe and still skip over January! Finally made it and truly sorry for lost time! Incredible dessert! Again thanks for Aliana!

Mim, I'd be glad you liked it :) your picture is super, very nice look.

Incredible cake. Today we have prepared, but instead put wheat corn meal. I added a little more sugar. Caramelized sugar and less in the form of cakes and baked at 200C for 1 hour. As recipe Application and photos. It was still warm as it turned th ... The taste is amazing. Thanks for the recipe. Will do very often.

Ivka, I'm glad you liked the cake :) This caramel with a good idea, a water bath or you bake it directly? Not occurred to me to do it in the form of cake is super!

And I was thinking of caramel, but I decided for the first time to stick to the recipe! Sugar and I increased. Cake prepared in the pan and not paying. Ivka intrigued me with this maize meal now! How will you do with it ?!

Aliana, Paiute water bath. mimsi try not to regret.

Thank you :) I really need to fit it in the schedule these days ...

cake is great! The recipe is wonderful, Rally! Home nobody likes meal, however, as you saw the pictures girls, I decided to risk and I did :) It turned out that already love meal (and many) :)

Reni, that is, sometimes you just need to find a way something like :) recipe unexpectedly gained popularity, it's great that manages to bestow pleasure to more people! Thanks for the pictures :) And you sweet :)

Very, very tasty dessert! Aliana, thanks to shared recipe! :) The addition of Me: orange peels and a pear, cut into small cubes (I saved your vanilla), baked in a water bath!

Girls, you bowled me! With their creativity and interest to the recipe! Iris, is super, but with pears is right for the season! Image seems like only caramelized or so it seems to me?

Rally, you're right there caramel. 3-4 tablespoons sugar caramelized and bathed bottom of the form!

I know well ... :) Enjoy your meal! :)

And we arrange a successful cake :) Very tasty and we like, thanks for the recipe Rally and mimsi, that reminded her. We had a problem in the preparation, give ideas what happened - steamed milk and sprinkled meal and for 5 seconds the mixture harden (cure, not thicken). No stirring, no wait, I had to immediately remove from the heat and was so thick that he could not get confused. The situation became more complicated when adding the egg yolks, the cold mixture was hard, I brought out my it with his hands and tried to break it down, but failed. I had to add extra (1/4. H.) Milk and crush with mashed potato puree. The result is good, but the cake is moist and slightly lumpy. I used exactly 1 liter milk and 250 g semolina (wheat).

Nevi, hello! Read and wonder what could be the reason for what you describe. I remember that you may have spilled semolina once? Should pour a trickle, stirring continuously. This I have not written, I apologize, maybe I think I know. Another honestly can not think, unless the meal quality is a lot different. I had a meal with variations of different companies, but not so great - not. As a guide always use the recipe that the manufacturer has put the package. Here at least is that most companies put a basic recipe. For semolina porridge are 1 liter milk and 125 g meal. To become a solid meal is double. I am very sorry that you had difficulties. And as I describe, the end result was not very appetizing. But to try with less meal, for example, the 180-200 Boil the milk. Hitting him from the fire. Pour semolina trickle by beating vigorously with a wire. Back to the fire, and it continues to beat with wire. Should thicken and become like dough, but not such that you can not mix it then. If this occurs in less than five minutes, well. But in no case should be done for 5 seconds. Otherwise I can not think, dear. I'm sorry that you had a failure.

Pour the meal was a problem ... so it was not a trickle. The result is actually very tasty and looks pretty decent, do not complain at all :) But it was clear that became blunder somewhere and I wanted to know where, thanks for the clarification.

Today again I made dessert, as I added apricots compote. Again a wonderful result!

Mim, very happy baby, looks good, and I think the freshness of apricots fits perfectly on the cake! Super!