Chocolate cream with semolina

Submitted by enr on 27 Oct 2008
70 g chocolate
500 ml milk
3 tbsp sugar
4 full tbsp semolina
fruit syrup
Chocolate cream with semolina
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Separate bit of cold milk, which blurs the meal. The remaining milk with sugar and broken into small pieces of chocolate, put on the fire to boil. A thin stream pour fuzzy meal. Stir constantly until thickened. The finished mixture is poured into a wetted with cold water container (vessels). As cool completely turned onto a plate and pour syrup or fruit garnish optional.
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27 Oct 2008


Awesome cream, well done.

What delicious images. I will do a combination of this recipe idea of ​​ Fake cream . Ah, what gave me the idea, tillia. Thank you. And will put my photos.

sorry for the question but something I do not understand. By adding semolina stirring then on stove you going or just cold.

Another my oversight! The mixture should boil and stirring constantly so as not to burn. I even brew it in double-bottomed vessel. Excuse me, would Correct recipe later. It's a simple meal with milk, a little thick, but with the addition of chocolate. I cast it into the wet cups with a capacity of 200 ml and were 3 portions. The mixture should be the truth completely. To come out smoother than glass, previously hit several times in its wall and then turn on the saucer.

great dessert! Top sprinkled according zhelaniyata- walnuts, coconut, chocolate sticks.

Very tasty dessert. Addictive:-)

Well, beautifully arranged him, congratulations!

Today I did it again. This time in the forms for muffins. Very very delicious dessert.

Immer, again congratulations on the layout! Give great ideological! I am very glad that you like dessert.

I put a little more chocolate (90g instead of 70g). Was very tasty dessert.

cvetkQ, Elti - thanks for rating! Elti - awesome picture!

I loved! Instead, however, I added vanilla chocolate and that was delicious :)

summer_moon1988, I'm glad you liked it! Each recipe has an idea and each according to their abilities, available products, its taste can exesweet it as he wishes.

:) Last night I did a double dose - half chocolate and the other with sweet pear and vanilla still beats rankings :). Again thanks for the recipe.

I want to ask vanilla how to do it?

do regular meal with milk, how I had not thought to melt chocolate inside is great

Adelina, I'm glad you like that idea! :)