Sponge cake with orange Fanta

Submitted by enr on 07 Aug 2014
3 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup crystal sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil
250 ml Fanta Orange
3 cups flour
10 g baking powder
2-3 tbsp cocoa
powdered sugar for sprinkling
butter for greasing the baking
Sponge cake with orange Fanta
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Three eggs and sugar beat with mixer until a thick snow. To the above mixture was added the oil and Fanta, as the speed of the mixer are at a lower level. Add flour sifted with baking powder. This step is optional, probably every housewife doing it, but in the name of the correct recipe will describe the action - separated 1 cup mixture and stained with cocoa. Form is coated with soft butter and pour it in 1/2 of white mixture. Pour the colored cocoa mixture. At the top end with the rest of the white mixture. Always put the cake in the oven cold, because when you put it in hot obtained after - bake vigorously top inside remains liquid. At one point the raw mix prevails and begins to erupt, burst seal surface of the dessert. Becomes ugly and disproportionate. So - in a cold oven without a fan, which is set to 180C. Bake approximately 40-50 minutes (try readiness wooden skewer or toothpick). Once cool sprinkle with good old powdered sugar or pour melted chocolate in a water bath. * Volume of form - 2 l.
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07 Aug 2014


Well, I would mention the recipe, as tested! This is the cake I've learned from svekito! :) It mekichak as foam and many Plunk. Thanks for shared in step 6, the next time will take! :)

Well, I did not know it from my mom :) often do, it is very aromatic and fluffy!

Well, very well presented recipe today and I'll turn a long time ago that I have not done, what size is the form, medium or large cake is obtained?

Flower if you have a form (2 liter) Put boldly will become super baking pan 25, 26 cm, and the photo look like one of those rectangular 30/11 again 2 l volume. If the baking pan is higher, will be lower cake, and if less, should be collected in 2/3 or 3/4 of the volume and will become high :)

Bobby, Reni, it is very tasty, I completely agree with you girls. :) I know it from a friend. :) Flowers, thank you! Villas explained it very nice for the size of the form. The capacity of the formulation is 2 liters. Thank you, Willy!

cake is really delicious and fluffy, I divided it into two smaller forms 18/9 cm, in one and put cocoa on pattern and gave it to the neighbors, and the other without pattern ,, paleface taste of my husband. I compete with 250 ml cup and became a little sweet ,, feast for the soul. And you what size cup of use.

Well, your picture is great. Thank you all for the advice.

flowers, I also mete it with chashta 250 ml and 200 ml svekito. And we're sweet, I put 2 cups sugar, everything is a matter of taste! :)

I apologize for the error with a glass of 250 ml! ;)

I still weigh the scales for me was easy next times so -350g sugar, flour -400g, I am confused that the size of the cup, I like to have inside nuts, cocoa, orange peels all the extras but my husband does not like . I put it in a cold oven and then turned on the gas and it was great.

Here is my contribution to the pictures of the cake :) :) Well, as I said, is excellent! I put him 2 h. H. Sugar 200 ml.

Wow! Flowers, Reni, amazing photos, unique cakes!

Mary with a glass of 200 ml, just search the quantities and get a very nice, fluffy cake, thanks for the recipe :)

Nevi, thanks for the nice review! Glad you liked it! :)

cake is very good just kept my recipe Bravo author

Thanks to the author for Labour to explain exactly as the recipe (s Cocoa, and the cold oven ... ). A cake just no words how nice. Even the next day (it was in a bag) is still mekichak.

Well, thanks for the tips with the cold oven! :) Here are the results with pictures. ;)

Bobby, sweets are as removed from the window of a boutique shop! Are wonderful! :)

Well, the merit is entirely yours! There will be no craters with volcanic lava. ;) :)