Meat under a fur coat

Submitted by enr on 25 Jun 2009
8 chops (pork, lamb, veal)
300 g mushrooms or potatoes
3 onions
100 g feta cheese or hard cheese
200-250 g mayonnaise
sunflower oil
Meat under a fur coat
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Chops Pip is a thin hammer, salting and rank each other in an oiled tray. On top sprinkle with chopped 3-4 pieces mushrooms (or potatoes - the circles) and sliced ​​onions. Everything watered with mayonnaise. Sprinkle top with planing in large pieces feta cheese. Bake at 170-180 S.
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25 Jun 2009


I have prepared them in the version with mushrooms and cheese, in addition: 1 hour. Glass of white wine and mayonnaise to two or three tablespoons of yogurt! The end result most delicious and tender steaks. Great recipe, and author of superlatives!

Some time ago I found this recipe in Russian website and I loved it. Now there are many options *under a fur coat* - and of meats and vegetables and always receive delicious dishes. I like the additions that you did.

instead of mayonnaise with cream can you? Now we will put them in the oven and then will write the final result! Happy Holidays!

Of course I can. Will wait for the result.

Thank you for the incredible recipe, I recommend it to everyone to try! I might do with cheese and cheese and it incredible!

It was incredibly delicious!

Nice that you received well and approve shared my recipe.

It was very tasty. Bravo and thanks to Ina! My husband scolded me that I filled his plate, but very quickly ate portion, recognizing what delicious thing I've done ...

Diana, the merit is yours and I am glad that you have been delicious!

Ina, thank you for the nice recipe! Last night prepared meat on it and we like it became fragile and melting in the mouth with a nice sauce. I made some changes following the comments - the meat cut into pieces for kebabs, marinated it in advance in a mixture of mustard and white wine. From myself I added pickles at the bottom of casseroles and meat placed on them, get slightly kiseleesht very nice sauce. Since I had only a few mushrooms unless they cut and potatoes. To avoid overcooked too much cheese it grated on products and only then spread with mayonnaise. Peko it under cover for some time and then remove it to red top.

Milenka, I'm glad that I shared you liked the recipe, and you appropriate the issues and her!

I tried with homemade mayoneza and bad dinner was the wine over. Otherwise variants with mushrooms, potatoes with fried eggplant with fried zucchini ... Wide scope for imagination.

Ilko, I do not doubt that with homemade mayonnaise has become even more delicious! And quite right that the recipe gives scope for imagination :)

coco bake time

mihoviq, depends on the meat. If an older animal - more. There is a difference between lamb, pork, beef. Also from the oven. You just have to try :)

pig of 180 how many hours

recipe is great, just try it and it was really amazing! Thank you, Ina! You have my admiration, and those of my husband :)

jderova, thanks for the kind words! I am glad that you have decided to try the recipe and you like the result! :)

Last night our dinner was on this recipe! All your home we ate tasty! I added a few spices to steaks. Ina thank you, it remains to favorites! :)

Bobby, thank you and I! I'm glad to have shared the recipe, because the result really worth! :)

And last night I cooked in this recipe, result-no words! Very tasty and juicy dish have got! I put potatoes and mushrooms + half fleshy red pepper. Since cooked for two products slowed them-used 4 fillets (2 pork and chicken 2) cut into pieces 1 large onion, 3 potatoes, 100 g. Frozen mushrooms, and for topping 150 g. Mayonnaise +100 c. Sour milk. Not put cheese and as a seasoning salt-only. Peko per hour in a clay pan. Ina, thanks for the great recipe! :)

Manuela, very glad that you tested the recipe and the response was positive !! Rich dinner was, and when it is cooked in a ceramic pot, more delicious! :)

Tonight I prepared this dish again, this time with a rabbit. It turned out that I had done onions and I missed it, but instead it spreads mayonnaise with sour cream, as I open pot and wanted to use it. The result again is excellent!

Milenka, a very good idea for the use of rabbit meat! I can only imagine the taste! :)

We've been identified and it was not regret that I have prepared today. Very tasty! :)

Snow, I'm glad that you did! Looks very juicy and tasty! :)

Several times already use recipe - is great!

giurlq, very glad that you liked the recipe! :)

Whether you can use instead of meat or mince meatballs? And maalko white wine? I think it would be tasty. After three weeks wait dear guests and want to prepare something unusual, I love it only remains to first try it out in advance how you will get :)

kota_78, I have not done with mince and I have no idea how this will work. Used meat and it takes *sheepskin coat* stew. Because you will meet guests, test a small amount of minced meat. Just will share the outcome of your option :)

last night I made with meat, I used chicken legs became great enough juicy and without wine, I rule the original recipe, which is Russian:First row meat
Second row onion, spices
Third row potatoes
4th row mushrooms and also added and olives, cut into 4 lengthwise
and finally mayonnaise
Bake 45-50 minutes, pull and put grated cheese for 4-5 minutes

Will write test when and how to mince, I think I read somewhere that bake in less time.

kota_78, exactly as is - the recipe is from a Russian website, I indicated, there are many options. Commenting girls have indicated what other products are added on to his taste. I am glad that the chicken legs has received a delicious meal! :)

soon tried and meatballs and put cheese on top instead of cheese and 1. L. Liquid seasoning Winiary, get is great

kota_78, thank you for sharing your experience and so complement the recipe! :)

Thanks to the author, I was wondering how to cook the pork in a more interesting way. I modified the recipe according to available and made it so: Meat bites the bottom of the pot Jena. Sprinkled it with salt and spices, I added some white wine and olive oil (for it okrehkoti). I added a little potato slices (I had just a little), onion rings and some frozen vegetables Bonduelle (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower), a little salt and a little water (not in the recipe, but I think that he needs). I poured mayonnaise, to which I added a little mustard and a little yogurt (I had a small amount of mayonnaise:) Nachupih plenty of cheese, grated cheese a little, put a little oil. Currently it roast much stronger than that in oven recipe with lid Jena. I think at the end to remove the cover. Cross your fingers to get!

Stanaaa with more mayonnaise and cheese would have been even better, but the way she licked her fingers :)

praskova, much like when you get creative in their way the recipe! I am glad that you were satisfied, which is the goal! :)

In a Russian site I saw that adds and mustard. I used pork, royal mushrooms, and added a little mustard receive is excellent.

Plamene, this recipe allows for a lot of improvisation on the taste of cooking and available products. I am glad that you shared your experience! :)

Very interesting and delicious recipe. Steaks were delicious.

Gerry, I'm glad that you and this dish has become well and were happy! :)