Forgotten sweet

Submitted by enr on 22 Dec 2012
2 egg whites
100 g sugar
120 g raw hazelnuts (or other nuts - done with walnuts or almonds), coarsely ground
150 g Chocolate (finely crushed)
1 vanilla
pinch of salt
Forgotten sweet
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Submit an oven heated to 180C degrees. In a dry pan put Coarsely ground nuts and roast them gently on the stove. A few minutes are sufficient to open * * flavor. And it raw, roasted but is better. Beat the egg whites with 1 pinch salt of hard snow. Add sugar gradually, but as a break - and vanilla. With gentle stirring (with a spoon), add chocolate and nuts cool. With a spoon pour the mixture into pan, covered with baking paper. The size of the cookies depends on your preferences. I use a teaspoon. And the best part - put the pan in the oven, turn it off and find another job for at least 3 -4 hours, and preferably overnight. Do not open the oven. In the morning breakfast will have something very tasty.
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22 Dec 2012


Pepi, sweet were gorgeous! I decided to do them for the New Year, but I could not resist :) Very tasty - certainly and then I will make them :)

Bravo, Reni! Your photos, as always very tempting! :)

Finally had time to try the recipe; so long I was going. My daughter and I made two doses. In one we put hazelnuts and almonds in the other. Sweet became chudesni- and taste, and appearance! If these hazelnuts us liked more because it feels and recognizes the scent of hazelnut. Many thanks for a wonderful and easy to follow recipe!

Chudesene result, doby! Thank you for the trust to the recipe! :)

For the third time I've made these cookies. The result is always excellent! This time will surprise a friend who has an allergy to gluten. Thank you very much, iris! Great recipe!

I am very glad that you satisfied with the recipe, doby! :) I have included in the list of Christmas sweet :)

Many tasty cookies! I made them with walnuts, these days will try and hazelnuts :)

Peach, they are great! Bravo eee thank confidence :)

are great - sorry that so long postponed their work. Now at every point made, even at the moment in the oven has two baking pans loaded for tomorrow morning :) (picture collection of New Year :))

Di_jar, great picture! I still do them small, your obviously quite golemichki, very impressive look! Next time I will shape them like this! :)

I do them with a tablespoon - of the dose that is given to me out baking pan and half of the oven, were last night with 3 egg whites and the mixture came exactly two baking pans - eat is no time :) Thanks for the recipe :)

And how bake them after you exit baking pan and a half or two? Baked good if you put two baking pans in the oven at the same time? Please reply as I think to do these days.

Well, my oven is large - with 5 levels and have 2 flat baking pans and one deep. Put the baking pans on the second and fourth level and have no problem. Furthermore, they are baked as the oven and dried by heat heating oven. Today both baking pans were equally dried - no problem.

Thanks for the quick response! :)

Pepi, thanks for shared recipe! :) Yesterday I decided to use one remaining protein (from buildings soup) and received great sweet, in which I put a little nuts, a little almond, coconut and chocolate sticks. Now the only way I will use proteins :)

I'm glad you're happy Villas! We also very like those sweet, to be honest, I prefer them to kisses :)