Tricolor sponge cake Choli

Submitted by enr on 06 Sep 2008
6 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
2 cup flour
6 tbsp water
6 tbsp sunflower oil
5-6 tbsp cocoa
Tricolor sponge cake Choli
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3 Whip 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tbsp flour (such as kissing). The remaining eggs are broken down to whiten with remaining 1 cup, add sequentially water and the oil while stirring. Was added and flour, stirring with a wooden spoon until a homogeneous mixture. The same is divided into 2 equal parts, one of which was stained with cocoa. Pour the white mixture, as is sprinkled with plenty of cocoa egg whites is then broken, also be sprinkled with cocoa, and then the second mixture. Optional covered with chocolate glaze.
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06 Sep 2008


Many spectacular and delicious cake! And a little grated walnuts in the sprinkling of cocoa enriched even more taste!

turn came this very tasty! Sumptuous and spectacular cake! Bravo!

cake looks great.

At the moment I do this cake is gorgeous! Try it you will not go wrong!

Yesterday we did. Was neverochten. All bowled over! Blagodarch recipe!

Op instead of January I am put :)

I'm glad you liked my cake. Soon we will post another recipe, and I hope you like it

This cake is great, like I had not seen! Will try to do it!

I'll do it .. can not help but be tempted man!

Milencha became sumptuous cake. Just incredibly delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

became very yummy! Thanks for the recipe :)

Thank you all enjoy!

Congratulations, looks wonderful cake, dobavev favorite :) well done!

recently I did it meadows cake with chocolate glaze and sprinkle walnuts! mmm splendor!

and bakpulverche not put you?

Nowhere bakpulver- and see what will give volume? How did you do without it?

Others asked me about it.In sponge not put bakpurver.It is enough eggs and sugar are well broken / at least 15-20 minutes./.And when you add the flour with a wooden spoon scoop from the bottom to the surface, not to become a *balls*.So the mixture becomes light.

This cake is great! I got the recipe from my grandmother and regularly do :) Try it, you will not regret :)

is incredible! Thanks for the recipe!

oooo, will be doing all right! very spectacular, goes to Favorites!

cake looks amazing, but to me something not on receiving beaten whites remained harsh, and the top was ready. Peko 200 degrees, you might need a little more?

I do not remember how many degrees Paiute, but me and my protein remained raw. I have no idea where I'm wrong.

200C is too much cake, I roast 160-180S maximum. It depends from the oven bake some more, some less. Matter of experience and of samples, put it lower and stinging with a stick as a start to bake.

This cake is just superb who has not tried, dropped many

That's true ... :)

So I am very glad picture of this cake !!! Is unique! Twice already trying to do it, but I did not receive. It is clear that somewhere wrong and I can not figure out where. Strictly observe the recipe from the ingredients and method of preparation. Bake at 180 C. It happens protein mixture to break them and to spill on top of the cake. Girls with help, please! Thank you in advance! :)

Inavalina when covering the first mixture with cocoa Try to not have the small area unmarked. For the second part of the mixture separated a bit more to cover good proteins / they must also be well dusted with cocoa / Grill it in the preheated oven to 240C and after starting slightly to fill the form, reduced to 180 degrees. I hope I have been helpful. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice Mamacha! :) Tonight I will make the cake according to your advice :) Once again I congratulate the wonderful recipe and ... I send my smile :)

Great cake happened! Delicious, fluffy and beautiful :)

Reni, very good look!

Thank you, Nelly! Really get very beautiful :)

very beautiful and tasty happened while I knew it was not to photograph :)

Thanks for the recipe. It was very well as a vision and taste. I upload a picture of the result, but I do not want to zameyam lovely photo of rhenium with my amateur.

As is written recipe is of course where you use only 1/2 cup of sugar! Where and when is added the remaining 1 cup?!?!?!?!

remaining eggs are broken down to the graying of 1h. h. sugar. Apparently omitted to note or just implied.

I do not need to be understood, I added it in preparation :)

very beautiful vision. I have not done so, only 2 striped colors. Will try to bring him. Pour guess less than one color in one part of the baking pan, add cocoa Pour on the rest empty baking pan and the other part on top again third. Looks fabulous!

Girls long I was in here. AKVA7, remaining 1 cup sugar crashes with *remaining eggs* ... / 6 protein and protein 3 / ... I hope you become clear. Mary Poppins in the recipe ... everything is explained. I wish you success ... Is not as complicated as you think ... :)

I just tried it. Very pleased. I felt a little heavy cocoa mixture and gently replace the white with proteins, but it does not hurt the taste, and you kind of brought it:) I will definitely do again. Congratulations for the recipe!

I thought that this recipe would be difficult to izpalnenei but it turned out that it is not so easy to obtain, and the cake is delicious.