Buterki cheese

Submitted by enr on 07 Jan 2009
450 g puff pastry
2 eggs
150 g cheese
Buterki cheese
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One egg white and the other is broken and mixed with the feta cheese (can add a pinch of savory). The dough is cut into squares, put a pad and folded, with one end sealed with a fork. Optional make slits on top. Smeared with yolk. Bake in preheated oven at 200 C to redness.
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07 Jan 2009


favorite buns of my children are very delicious!

and I put a piece of sausage

Now just do something, but I put in the filling 1 egg, cheese and 1 teaspoon yogurt and 2 pieces of sausage, roasted in the moment, I think it will be delicious :) But only cheese is great classic!

I must have overdone with stuffing, my pretty fuzzy, but ina4e are very tasty :)

You after brush pretzels with egg yolk on top, sprinkle them with sesame or Parmesan - are magnificent! My advice for fluffy pretzels is to roll out the dough very well before cutting :) Bake at 160 g blown in the middle of the oven for about 30 minutes (or eye until a nice tan)!

Thank you, I have not guessed sprinkle with something and Parmesan surely become great! Nice pictures you have uploaded :)

Thank you, magi71, parmezanat really gives much-cycle specific and extremely delicious taste of buterkite :)


Fast and delicious. Happens with 1 egg, onion and added a little as for flavor. Put and photos.

akva7, very good are you become buterkite, great pictures!

Delicious, quick patties! I only had 1 egg and could not cover them on top, so that their appearance is not level, but that did not stop to eat in no time :)

Ina, as no more egg-yolk put it in the stuffing and top with the white paint and can bake and only yogurt and still going.

You're right, but there was no time to look around whether beautiful or not - ate up now! :)

Ina, have become great, and so were quickly eaten :)

This is Maggie - melt in your mouth!

Many I like how they look, and probably are delicious

I tried stuffed with minced meat and a little cheese on top - received very well!

Very, very tasty! Tried and cheese, are also very good! Upload photos :)