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Boil the milk. Leave it to cool to a temperature allowing to keep calm his little finger (45 ° Celsius). Pour it into jars type Omnia (800 ml). For each jar in coffee cup Take a heaped teaspoon of yogurt. Mix yogurt and dilute it with a few tablespoons of milk. So made ferment put in jar with fresh milk. Well mixed milk jar in which we put the starter. I deal with all the jars. Put caps on the jars, cover them with a clean towel and wrapped it with wool blanket or woolen (maybe one of the old fur coat). The soured milk is fermented at a temperature of 41-43 C Celsius, so in addition to turning the jars with woolen blankets is also important to the room temperature, which must be at least 16-17 Celsius. After two and a half hours check whether the milk is condensed. If not, leave it wrapped up for another half hour. Then put the jars with the finished yogurt in a bowl with cold water or refrigerator, where they keep, until milk is set. The soured milk is stored at 10 C Celsius to 3 days.
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24 Jan 2009


I do like slop cooked and slightly cooled milk jars. I take yoghurt, smash it with a tablespoon put one tablespoon. lie to. in each jar. Then stir each separately in order to spread *starter* everywhere. Stand wrapped 4:00. Then in the refrigerator. It deliciously. It is very important that the milk is of good fat. I take home milk. I have not done ever with store-bought.

This is the best yogurt! Both children I raised with him - and I take home fresh because of that the store can not trust!

I also really love the home, but something gets me :( because I use to ferment store-bought pickled. Milk. You what brand pickled. use milk :)

When I use a store-bought milk ferment / rarely use such /, buy the highest fat content, no matter what. Put 3 tablespoons For the next kvasene milk leave my home ferment.

I buy sour cream Danone, milk boil over, pouring it into jars, slightly chilled !. Beat sour cream with a little milk and put in jars 2-3 tablespoons .. Wrap it in a blanket and so stood overnight, then put it in the fridge and it great! My son very like it!

Thanks for the advice :) will try and so! :)

There is no need to turn milk with blankets. Just place it in the oven on the stove to boil without and open for 4 hours. Becomes super!

This oven is a good idea to try.

I of 3L. put milk 1 pot of yoghurt pine knot 3, 6% it ideal children Field I do :)

when I yogurt, never close with caps while ongoing inoculation. Just put newspaper on the jars before tightening them with sheepskin :) Otherwise you risk to get kiseloch (as I call it). Even after I put it back in the refrigerator remains open. A starter ... I tried to Vereya 2, 9%, it is perfectly :) Good luck to you sweet :)

Sweet_mama, when using the cream for starter again you Refrigerate up to 45 C temperature you to another? I tried once with cream, but nothing happened here most yoghurts and creams are filled with gelatin and do not have enough live bacteria to become a starter. I've gotten so far only one yogurt with which I became a good starter. I'll try again with the cream, but I want to be sure that the temperature is the same.

Thanks for the recipe! For the first time I made homemade yogurt, it was very nice.