Apple pie

Submitted by enr on 25 Aug 2008
250 g flour
200 g butter or margarine
2 eggs
2 tbsp sugar
# For the filling:
1.5 kg apples
2-3 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
100 g chopped walnuts
powder sugar for sprinkling
Apple pie
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On products are izmesva dough. Half Spread on bottom and sides of a baking dish with removable bottom. filling is cooked, peeled and cleaned as apples are grated and sauté until soft sugar. As cooled down add the cinnamon and the walnuts. Pour into the dough in a baking dish. The second half of the dough is rolled into a sausage with about 1 cm thick. Cut to pieces that are mounted on filling a distance of about 2 cm. On these pieces perpendicular to line up other. Shaped grate. The cake is baked in a moderate oven. Once cool sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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25 Aug 2008


Perfect Pie Delicious and beautiful. In powdered sugar can put vanilla.

Bravo recipe-TO FAVORITES! Now bake. Image is mnoogo delicious ...

Desi, I hope you like it. The recipe is one of our favorite family. And Nelly is right, the failure is mine - powdered sugar for sprinkling with vanilla.

Surely is so delicious and looks! Congratulations!

This is one of the few recipes that regularly make at home! Easy, tasty and spectacular!

to ask because writes that mix that means that interfere only without roll it right?

Desi right - rightly understood. You put the dough in the middle of the form and hand pressed him to get an even layer. This is one of our favorite desserts memory of my mother - we call it *Apple Cake*. And small, and now, the most delicious part of my grid which time I ever drove, because while the rest of the family nakanyat try it, would let the cake without decoration!

thank you dear, I did it last night became particularly tasty stuffing, but I put the meal much more than write, because with 250 g was not any dough and the whole mixture was in my hands :)

Desi sorry dough. I have no explanation. The recipe is played repeatedly. You should get shortbread.

Hello! Will make pies for Christmas, at the request of my daughter, but I have some questions for clarification. Form greasy you in advance? What to say: *dough is rolled into a sausage*? And finally - how to obtain tazli sheen on top of the pie, I guess from the melting of powdered sugar? Thank you in advance!

Villas, the form may be slightly Namaste. *Sudjuk* / so is by writing recipes of old !!!/ - Means thin roll. Image is not mine. I sprinkle with powdered sugar and vanilla after totally cool.

Great recipe. Currently doing the pie for the second time.

m181, I'm glad the recipe your fancy! :)

Today I made the pie, very nice happened! :) Upload photos to view it. Only dough I took more flour, somewhere to 350 g.

Danny and this recipe is from *Austrian*:) I am glad that you may like. Top, below the grid guess you're sprinkled with walnuts. Guess how tasty happened, they have constipation.

Yes, put walnuts on top, and also in apples - on the dough, not very wet. Tomorrow I will eat it for breakfast. My man loves apple pies, pies and strudels, they grow up with these desserts in Austria :)

... for ... well, everything sweep up in the morning. Twins so they liked that they made another pie. Upload a photo to view it. For information only - they are boys 15 years :)

I've pie recipe with apples, pumpkin and salty, with a mixture of cheese, cottage cheese and a little sour cream. Many successful recipe and always delicious results! Thank you.

Danny kiss and greet the boys from me! Good for them! :)

BlueCaramel, I'm glad you used your idea and it was delicious! :) You did interesting options!