Kartofenomesno roll

Submitted by enr on 23 Oct 2008
1.5 kg potatoes
2 eggs
6 tbsp flour
30 g butter
300 g chicken breasts
1 onion
100 g cheese
2 carrots
sour krstavichka
Kartofenomesno roll
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Karotfite Boil, peel and pressed. Add the eggs, flour, melted butter, salt, pepper and kneaded well. Chicken breasts cut into small pieces and fry, drain and bring to paper. In fat sauté chopped onions and carrots. Add to the meat with the pickle and sprinkle with black pepper. Mix well. Heavy oiled cakes form sprinkled with breadcrumbs, pour the bulk of the potato mixture, pressing well and makes dent. It puts the filling, grate cheese and is closed with the remaining potato mixture. Sprinkle with plenty of breadcrumbs and lightly pressed. Bake in preheated oven at 200 ° C until ready (about 45 minutes) until it begins to yield a golden color. Remove from the form when cool completely and then cut.
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23 Oct 2008
Yonka Raikova


very effective and easy to prepare dish. Bravo!

magi71, great offer. It seems very easy to prepare and delicious scary.

Thank you :) really easy, and with the stuffing can improvise!

wonderful dish. Thank you. Fast, easy, delicious.

At home, many liked it! Try!

To the stuffing can be added and finely chopped marinated mushrooms.

Wonderful recipe, impressive and delicious!

Temenuga2 thank you, remains to try it. Allows improvisations like *what I have in the fridge!* :)

This is really a great offer! I'll try.

Today I tested it and it was very tasty. In the puree I put a little finely chopped celery leaves and marinated mushrooms in the stuffing.

Bravo for tselinkata! At home I do not support the green spices and salads do, I put separately to me.

Due to the very fast reading recipes, boiled potatoes peeled and cut, but again became divine!

To the filling I added 2 tablespoons mustard, try!

I think that no matter how cooked potatoes - peeled or not, a matter of preference.

picture looks super tasty and will definitely prepare this recipe after so many good comments.

Maybe without onion and to stuffing can be added 3 boiled eggs and then chopped, and 5 tablespoons of cooked beans, it becomes very delicious!

It is very tasty - try. I added mushrooms.

Great ideas for stuffing!

Very well seems already to Favorites will soon prepare it! Thank you!

Instead I put chicken mince and get very tasty roll, and seemed much flour instead put 6 3 tbsp. Maggie, thanks for the good ideas!

Great idea. In favorites.

Thank you girls have nice to roast, to become well-baked crust / so put meal /. :)

Maggie your recipes are great. Add to favorites! Will try compulsory.

With the filling can be made a lot of variations, but always becomes very tasty. Bravo Maggie

It looks very tasty. Will definitely try it

Maggie, a meal or bread crumbs sprinkle carefully cake form? :)

Crumbs, present in the products! I apologize, I'm not mislead you in my comment!

I'll do it tonight.

Very nice recipe and seductive image. Certainly yummy will try.

I did it a few times, Failed to now hitting my form because subtraction has me falling apart, but the taste is incredible!

lindzi, put more bread crumbs to make the crust, so will persist. You can try and rectangular cake :)

Thanks, I'll try.

Hey Maggie amazing its just I did my stuffing mix, however, is Chinese, but I threw it in the oven after three hours to hot down for others;) I am sorry that I can not shoot, but I little problem with the camera;)

Thank Vesi, shared the recipe for truly spectacular and wonderful side dish!

today I did roll became great. Bravo!

I did it before with little change on my part. I missed the cheese and I added peas, sausage, cheese, boiled egg and a little lyutenichka in the stuffing. I did it in the form of pie and I poured yogurt and 1 egg. Was very tasty :)