Banitsa bread

Submitted by enr on 02 Feb 2009
1 white bread
200 g feta cheese
4 eggs
400 g yogurt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
125 g butter
Banitsa bread
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In a greased baking pan rank thick slices of bread, empty places filled with pieces of bread. Pour half mixture of eggs, feta cheese, softened butter and then disappears into the milk soda, then second order of bread and pour remaining mixture. Bake 30 minutes at 160-180 C until golden. Optional can be prepared with milk instead of yogurt, the amount is enough to cover the bread - about 500-700 ml.
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02 Feb 2009
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Very well recovery backward bread.

Until now, I always do a great line in the baking pan. Next time I'll take the little and try it. Good idea.

looks very appetizing. Bravo!

The photo is another filler. Looks very tasty.

pie really going great

Pretty good looks. Will try. Goes to favorites.

Well you ate, and old bread for recovery. Thanks for the great idea. Sweetened it with powdered sugar.

very good proposal for pie. Bravo!

Prior to remove it sprinkled with cheese and savory. Very tasty and easy pie!

This pie do it, as the slices are cut into chunks that are baked in advance. So the pie becomes more *messy* and rabchetata of crispy bites

Banitsa became wonderful, Thanks for the recipe-Probvayte- m / u put two rows of bread fried bread cubes or domes -stava super crisp

This pie and preparing my grandmother! When we have a little old bread, do not miss - usually add finely chopped pepper and sausage.

We say this to him ,, fake pizza *and it has always been delicious.

And I often do you do when you stay suhichak bread, but splinter slices of bites and pour the mixture. It's always nice and never left. When do images will go.

I think the recipe is very helpful and all the ideas that I read just amazing. Thanks to the author and all commented :)

Very tasty and practical recipe. Formed crispy crust on top and inside is juicy. Can not cut piece because decays quite, but very tasty. And thus eats the rest of dry bread :) Thanks!

very easy recipe for stale bread, delicious and good pie out. :) Thanks for the recipe shared.

Today we eat this pie. Bread cut into chunks, put half a packet of butter. I liked. In the presence of dry bread, I will do with it.