Cake without eggs

Submitted by enr on 10 Sep 2008
2/3 cup yogurt
1 tspsoda
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1 and 1/3 cup flour
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
Cake without eggs
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Soda put in yogurt. Add other products without the walnuts, and stir well. Pour the mixture into a greased and sprinkled with flour baking dish. Top sprinkle the walnuts and press lightly to the dough. Bake in a moderate oven. Instead of walnuts on top can put anything sweet, as it would be drawn (shaped) pieces - like network.
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10 Sep 2008


I make this cake often, usually with jam. Reni thanks for the idea of ​​decoration - sweet to be on top as a network. Bravo, very tasty, fast and economical.

cake is very delicious and economical Reni Bravo!

Zlatinka, I'm glad that you liked. I do it with walnuts for my son, that he does not eat sweet. Now use the time that it was not in BG and get it done with quince jam.

I did, and with two - put strawberry jam and top narasih walnuts. Tomorrow again give request to do it.

sure I'll do it! Reni Bravo!

Tari, very good looks cake - what you did above?

Oh, tomorrow I'll try it.

Olga, only you did not try it (joke, of course ...)

Yeah, maybe so, but what at first you do. As I was told if I am not mistaken, will you get your life to make vschko - quote from memory.

E-be-is one to think like me!

After so much praise can not not do it sladkishche :)

gold your idea to put 2 tablespoons dough cocoa - has become a little gem! Thanks for the idea! Dough became more dense and it added a little k. milk. And will let the pictures.

I liked the recipe and I think tomorrow to try that today there is cake :)

Rennie, today I did and I loved it :) Napravih and small changes - a little cinnamon and sweet was with fruits, which sank in the mixture - became great!

I also put cinnamon and became a great cake!

Annie, Teddy, I'm glad that you liked. The idea of ​​cinnamon is also good for those who love her.

Yesterday I made muffins dough. Were directly divine! My people ordered for today - now bake! Run pictures of muffins.

Rennie, today I decided I could do this cake. When sweet put on top / over the entire surface / does not burn you in baking? I ask because I would like to put the sweet and not nuts.

Desi jam is severe and will not remain on the surface.

Desi thank you very much. But I am and I ask such nonsense. How I did not think ... Importantly, it became incredibly delicious cake. Thanks for the recipe.

Rennie, great looks in Neve of muffins! Bravo!

Today's muffins made them top with walnuts and chocolate inside. Became so much better than yesterday.
May cake will do now muffins with walnuts and chocolate ...
will need to be replaced May and the name of the recipe ... (joke).

Today again I made muffins, but with delight. It was great.

Today again I made my experiments - muffins Zebra type and type Melange.

Last night again I did experiment ... I did it like a cake. Cream cream Ole used without boiling Dr. Oetker. It was very tasty!

Today I experimented again ... I made savory muffins. Instead of sugar put cheese, ham and parsley. Mongols were delicious!

Reni, thanks for the delicious cake! I did it with cocoa instead of nuts and raisins put spreads sweet apples after baking!

Today I made the cake in the form of cake, as added to the dough 5 tsp Nesquik. It was a very delicious cake, but it is baked for a long time - about 35 minutes.

I just did it very easily and quickly and it is very tasty, I think I will eat while still warm :)

The last experiment is broken blocks of chocolate in the very Teco. Very very tasty work.

it immediately in Skagen favorites.

And I put cocoa. Became great! Upload photos :)

Super is the cake! Quick, easy and delicious, as fa4 without eggs!

I can not understand why me I never received. I've done it a dozen times and I always decline. I tried to keep it in the oven while I deleted to avoid abrupt temperature changes and still does not get dropped inside and becomes very sticky concise I do not know you wrong thing. . . ?!

This is not a whimsical cake. Milk must not refrigerator and bake in moderate oven as written Reni (about 170-180gradusa). Maybe something with flour you lame to become gletav.

Sunshine, maybe winning it at a higher temperature and stop the oven, the cake falls. I bake it at 180 degrees. When he saw that he was ready, subtract it from the oven, cool for 10 minutes and then remove it from the court.

And I added chocolate chips in dough and baked in cake form. Many guests liked it! Bravo :)

Congratulations for the wonderful recipe! I did it with sweet cherries and walnuts, also added grated lemon peel. Serve it with fresh cream and guests licking fingers. Really quick, easy delicious!

Quick and easy dessert. I put the pieces of mango in the bottom of the form. It was not pretty, but it was delicious.

Reni, thank you for the great recipe. I make it in two days and I am very pleased with the outcome. Fast, easy and economical dessert that can be experimented result is always good.

last times added to the dough cocoa and chopped wholesale chocolate, nuts and raisins. Incredible!

Excellent cake with many inprovizatsiya.

great cake, I made it in baking pans greased muffin and top with sweet!

Very easy cheap and delicious!