Wine kebab

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
1 kg pork, veal or beef from apple, ham, topside or shoulder
1/2 cup (100 ml) fat
4-5 heads (250 g) onions
1 (50 g) carrots
1/2 head (30 g) celery
1 tbsp (20 g) tomato paste
1 tbsp (10 g) flour
1 tsp (5 g) red pepper
1 cup (200 ml) wine
1-2 bay leaf
5-6 peppercorns
Wine kebab
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The meat is cleaned from the bones and cut into small pieces, then stew in fat together with the finely chopped onion and chopped diced celery and carrots. When the meat and the vegetables are soft, add tomato paste, flour and paprika. Pour over the broth from the bones (or hot water) and wine, add salt and leave to simmer with bay leaf and pepper. After removal from the fire sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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01 Dec 2002


Great recipe.

This is my favorite dish. Thank you.

to the dish add cooked rice ball, it is very tasty and has a nice appearance.

My English friends very much liked kebab. Thank you there.

great dish. I do it regularly.

It is just incredibly delicious! I put the mushrooms instead of celery. Once my husband, who is pretentious liked it and wanted to cook again!

I did chomlek kebab, taskebap and wine together. Just three of spices combine them into one. Must try. I can not describe it with words.

Tasty is but it's good to put rice balls.

It is very tasty :))), of course I added cooked rice balls.

and I add a clove or two of garlic along with other spices and makes it even more delicious!

and I put a teaspoon of mustard for flavor.

Very tasty dish!

I made a recipe, I had added some celery and mushrooms from a tin box instead of water - juice that was in the box with mushrooms, a small cube broth, red wine about 150 ml and left him on a slow fire to simmer. Gas stove can not be reduced sufficiently, because of the risk to go out and blow up the block. But put a heavy cast iron plate which use for preparing steaks. From the pot on the balcony a little fresh parsley - and Bulgarian folk songs for wine. Do you doplache, so tasty ...

recipe is great, the picture also.

I also add rice ball. My family loves this dish ... mmm

Very nice recipe today it naravih.

added allspice and-so flavor is stronger Bravo for best recipe

Rennie finally put them beautiful pictures! Bravo, what work only laid, it was worth it!

Eee, Reni, congratulations on creativity and craftsmanship!

Rennie, great rice figure crafted. Bravo! Very original!

Reni, they are great pictures :)

Great idea. I think today it a try.

Very tasty dish. In our family's honor.

Eheee Reni what these miracles. Bravo! Master is the master. Bravo!

The recipe has been tried already and is really delicious.

li4a, original presentation, but you wine kebab is not the most in this recipe. See and fries in May! ;)

No potatoes, this is celery, naryazahya of a wholesale and so it seems.

is generally not a bad recipe bravo missing allspice celery to Primo I'm not putting up wine kebab and you can also be grated. but I think 4f wine kebab served with mashed potatoes. kebab on rice wine o kebab razli4no are given in recipe dishes. nne6to very important and sauce is thickened with butter remember some can write and motor but the recipe is butter. thank

Wine kebab can it melts and bread will still wine is kebab ... With what furniture will be served - it plays no role, except for meals made up of several components, such as Feijoada, where the gasket is part of the dish. In the recipe can write many things - but wine is kebab recipes as there are households. I personally have never tasted wine kebab with mashed potatoes - not that I think is delicious, but it connect with rice.

I apologize, lu4a!

Bravo, the recipe is very nice I worked on it and I am very pleased I also added a little mushroom has written IvanTankov. Try it was super.

Very tasty, but do not want anyone to have your taste. This recipe is from the Bulgarian cuisine. I like a lot. I did it a few times. Thank you. Hopefully not erased comments because sometimes there is nothing to learn from them.

Very tasty meal.Once I found the site no longer begin to cook before I do *consultation* with him.Congratulations to all for the great recipes!

Today I have prepared such a dish. I have not put other vegetables than 2 peppers. For garnish prepared roasted bell mashed potatoes / allspice, black pepper, bay leaf, butter, oil, vegetable seasoning /.

Very tasty dish!

mmm I love wine kebab :)

I think without allspice not wine kebab

mmm wonderful dish, I added allspice and garlic instead of celery (of course this is a matter of taste). Great kebab happened!

I'm new in the kitchen, and I'd like to prepare this dish. Would someone mind telling me how much water the rice is cooked? Thanks

On 1 cup rice 3 cups water 1 to 3 I know from my grandmother to my mother, etc.

2 to 1 ratio for rice, because in this case the rice should be dry though you added something to liquid (low heat is prepared for a little fat is gently stifling previously not right degree) this I work it has taught me about these proportions and otherwise normal rice is not dry and well cooked ratio is 4 to 1 ... if something wrong tolerate any criticism

Kukuruku, my rice is always 2: 1 and never dry. Sometimes even do 1.5: 1, especially in basmati or jasmine rice for 10 minutes is ready. When do rice in the oven, for example, chicken, do 3: 1, but my people often refuse to eat it Muffler. As to this, which rice is *normal* and which is for garnish - we never eat only cooked rice, there is always something to it.

Agliana seems to have misunderstood me not to say that the rice will become dry and be sufficiently dry and well cooked not to further dilute the prepared kebab that I mean not that it will become dry rice ...

Good old recipes ... It is very tasty.

I tried to do it in a pressure cooker. Without flour, course and put 1/3 jar strained tomatoes. After playing the pan needed 10-15 minutes. Super fast cooking!

unique taste!

household and loves it - gorgeous recipe