Lamb shoulder in foil

Submitted by enr on 24 Mar 2009
500 g plucks
1 lamb shoulder
3 bunches green onions
1 cup rice
salt, red pepper
1 bunch parsley
150 ml sunflower oil
125 g butter
Lamb shoulder in foil
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Giblets are cooked and finely chopped. Stews in sunflower oil green onion, add the rice and giblets, salt, pour 2 cups broth. Once the rice is added spices. Washed lamb shoulder, open pocket salted inside. Complete with ready-stuffing and stitched with thread. Place in a baking dish and smeared with melted butter and paprika. Pour 300 ml the broth, and covered with foil. Bake at 180 C for about 3 hours.
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24 Mar 2009


A great dish for the upcoming Easter holidays, a classic, well done Mariyanche!

In Gabrovo do it the same way - extra happens Vervene ME!

Stefh, really in Gabrovo we did and very tasty. I add a little bulgur. Bravo Marianche.

I do not know who is where it :) but it seems unlikely. Very tasty, congratulations ...

To the stuffing can be put and 1 bunch fresh garlic.

It's a classic of the genre, as they say, and I ka4vam picture.

And I put mushrooms in the stuffing. Moreover necessarily Fry onion and pretty finally add fresh. Otherwise, press releases and shrinks quite fluid. So fully lamb in Pleven. My husband has to sacrifice health and baking pan stuffed with lamb and a must!

wonderful recipe, personally I've never roasted lamb shoulder, but I tried it and prepared in the same way, just incredibly delicious, congratulations for the recipe and beautiful pictures

and this broth trifles or ready

I do not put rice stuffing. Instead, put a few heads onion depends on how much stuffing can hold the shoulder.

recipe is super! (With gavi in ​​the stuffing and beer + water instead of broth)

Very nice recipe!