Baked chicken with pasta

Submitted by enr on 06 Oct 2010
500 g chicken fillet
250 g of pasta tubes - tortilyoni, penne, macaroni
250 g fresh mushrooms mushrooms
1.3 l Bechamel sauce
200 g grated feta cheese Emmental or other feta cheese with expressed aroma
spices optional
Baked chicken with pasta
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Heat the oven to 180-200 C (fan - 160-170 C). Beshamelat prepare more rare: 2 tbsp flour, fried in 70-80 g butter, diluted with 1.3 liters of milk or a mixture of water and cream. Recipes here and there on the site. Season plenty optional - each according to their preferences. Can put oregano, thyme, bay leaf, herbs, lemon peel, onion, garlic even passaged. The taste of the entire dish depends on how seasoned beshamelat. fillet cut into thin strips. Season optional and bake in a dry pan over high stove while received deposits. In a pan put the pasta - raw. Put them mushrooms, sliced ​​chicken and julienne. Mix well and pour the bechamel. The paste is pressed, is covered by sauce. Bake 30 minutes less in the oven, sprinkle with Emmental and bake another 20 minutes. Leave for ten minutes and served with a fresh side dish - salad, pickles, pickle or another. * mushrooms can be replaced with other mushrooms and diced tomatoes, red pepper julienne, green onions, broccoli. You can add the finely chopped chilli. The weight remains the same. * Chicken fillet can be replaced with ham, spicy sausage, pork or turkey breast. Ham and sausage are placed directly without baked pan.
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06 Oct 2010


Great idea for chicken! Thanks for the recipe! As soon will cook!

M-M-M as it look a photo you are getting enough, but imagine how ohae.