Banana pancakes

Submitted by enr on 17 Feb 2010
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
2 cup milk
2 cup flour
10 g baking powder
3 bananas
Banana pancakes
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Bananas are creased or Strain nice. Make a thick mixture of all products. Stuffed baked in a Teflon pan, pour in as little mixture and using a spoon spread. Katmi should occupy half pan. Still warm is smeared with melted butter or honey.
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17 Feb 2010


pancakes are not you prepared with yeast?

I do not think these are traditional pancakes - are still with bananas :) But otherwise, on the question of how to make pancakes - depends on which region and which have the recipe. My grandmother, for example, makes pancakes with yogurt, soda and corn flour ...

In principle yes, but not necessarily with yeast.

An interesting recipe for something different, just got old bananas and nobody eats them, Thanks!

Well, super recipe. Immediately will try.

Many delicious covered them with sweet orange peels, ran out of time.

I am glad that you liked. Do you have pictures?

From the pan ate, I aparatche, but I do not know how the mobile phone become must ventured. Thanks for the recipe! Special greeting from my gluttons.

Thank shot bravely, my APRA also breaks down and makes me angry

I hope you like the photos very quickly. To give you an idea, katmichka, honey, cream, diced bananas katmichka again cream and 2-3 slices of banana becomes even more delicious.

idea is a great thumbs up :)

The idea is very good, thanks for the pictures