Banitsa with cabbage and leeks

Submitted by enr on 23 Oct 2008
400 g filo pastry sheets
1 cup fat for frying
1/3 cup fat sprinkling
1 kg sauerkraut
2 leeks
Banitsa with cabbage and leeks
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Sauerkraut cut and stew in part of the oil until soft. Cut the leek into in small pieces and stew with the remaining oil, seasoned with salt. In an oiled tray rank sheet, sprinkle with a little fat and in 2 sheets placed once filling with sauerkraut, once by filling empty. Ends with 2 sheets, cut into large squares, watered with water and sprinkled with oil. Bake to redness.
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23 Oct 2008


Madi71 thank you for the nice recipe and could with fresh sour cabbage because I

Yes, but must advance to choke with a little oil and water to soften.

Blaga you to fresh cabbage to put a little citric acid. Will become slightly kiselko.

Maggie, how much water should you pour?

Cabbage is juicy, so think about that glass of water is sufficient. Thank you :)

my grandmother made it this pie with homemade phyllo dough, but the taste is the same just to *lick your fingers.*Must try !!!

became great May'll start doing it regularly. Thanks

Thank you Annie!

We always make it during fasting. You can gather together cabbage and leeks and I add about 1cup already cooked oriz- not dominate rice only create volumes less chubrichka it is. The taste of this pie remains forever with you.

Incredibly delicious pie! I might do without leeks and salt. A top filled it with cabbage soup instead of water. Very very tasty! Going for breakfast and for lunch and dinner.

For paevi time I made this pie a few weeks ago. Very pleased

pie was gorgeous! I also I did something for Christmas Eve - leeks not put, but falsified with red and black pepper. Peel them reeling and I have not flooded with water, but now as I read I think it will be delicious when exposed to a little cabbage soup. As a slightly fizzy will become very fluffy and delicious.