The banitsa of Morena

Submitted by enr on 04 May 2014
400 g peel
300 g feta cheese
4-5 eggs
4 tbsp yogurt
little sunflower oil
150 g melted butter
1 cup milk
The banitsa of Morena
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First you cook the peels after spreading and gluing two by two with melted butter as follows - brush them butter in one crust, put on top the second, it is glued to the first fold of four and leave aside. So proceed with all sheet, and must remain less than the butter. Prepare your filling of eggs, yogurt, a little sunflower oil (I put an eye perhaps to 2-3 tbsp) and crumbled feta cheese. Then turn the pile of cooked pastry to start with the first, because the longest standing. Unfolded it and sprinkle the filling (put up as a full 3 tbsp), her on carrying around a whole crust, roll and stack in an oiled tray. Already arranged banitsa pieces, pour the remaining butter and milk and bake at 180C until browned. * Some time ago this banitsa was a big hit on the internet and everywhere know / spelled the banitsa of the sea, and so I put this title. * This is a truly amazing banitsa perhaps the tastiest I've tried. This made it very crispy, if you want to be mekichka, spray it with water and cover with a towel to smother. * Once you pour the butter and milk can it Sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds.
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04 May 2014


I just made it and even tried it. Very tasty, I loved it, I can not stop to eat ...

vyra59, very glad that is so you delight :) shared the recipe because it is really, really good, the pie becomes great, crispy and fragrant of oil worth person to prepare and experience.

gold to us we like! Great pie, it really crispy and aromatic :)

Glad renito:) great picture.

with olive oil instead of melted butter that will not happen? Tomorrow I will try and write how it is received

I tried, will certainly become kota_78 ... Of the oil pie becomes very crispy and fragrant, no way not to become and olive oil, but the taste is definitely not the same as me.

Hello, the pie was great, except that the need to make it imposed because the peels were very fragile. I brought it to the common breakfast with friends and all (about 25 people) loved it, but only to say that it was the first ever pie, which I did in my life ... I live alone and am forced to cook their own, but so far no pie I had done, Helena, is courage. I recommend the recipe of all men, cooks and not so