Angry potato

Submitted by enr on 29 May 2009
8-10 potatoes
1 packet mushroom soup powder
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil
150 g grated cheese
Angry potato
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Peel the potatoes and cut into discs. Place in a greased pan, pour in the oil and 150 ml water. Put in preheated oven at 250 C without anything else. When you are ready to grout in 300 ml mushroom soup (it is quite savory), sprinkle with grated cheese and baked until golden again. Optional each portion can be sprinkled with parsley or dill.
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29 May 2009
Gita - BGmama


Super MIGHT! Thanks Reni! But why angry?

are Angry, because there is no meat ...

Ehee super name for these chips, like me, will try them one day ...

The recipe is very easy and quick to prepare - it takes less than 1 hour.

I have long do these potatoes, but otherwise. When I put the potatoes in the pan empty and cream soup. Flood with water and bake in the oven. So the potatoes absorb more of the flavor of the soup. With soup of chicken also going on.

This is what I will garniturkata dinner :)

Tasty fries, good Reni! And can I replace mushroom soup with another?

Maggie below Vesi wrote that makes chicken soup.

Bravo Reni very tasty fries to prepare us!

Oh Reni. Again, easy and delicious recipe.

Thank you Reni!

Girls are very glad that you liked the recipe!

Reniiiiii became great. I put chicken cream soup. I made them as them Vesi. I had cheese now and finally put a little Parmesan. Jump are divine. Mmmm ...

Desi May and I will try it with chicken soup!

No matter what cream soup. The important thing is that they become very very tasty. Thanks ha wonderful recipe.

Reni thank great recipe!

Reni thanks for the recipe today I made them with chicken cream soup sprinkled with cheese. They were awesome!

Chrissy, Cammie, I'm glad you like the recipe!

hello and I prepared them tonight but they put 2 and their sausages and grated cheese a little less savory pepper. Was prevazhodno. Thank you.

Sissy, then there are *angry potatoes* and potatoes with sausages.

It seems to me quite tasty. Will definitely give them a try.

I like this MIGHT very easily and quickly. Well done.

Hello from me. I made the recipe as I added a little milk with water. Became great and my husband was fascinated. Thanks Rennie.

Deti72, rasvam is that you liked the recipe! Next time I will probvams BC. Milk!

I admit that I opened the recipe for the name, but it is a great idea. Thank you!

are super fries!

-loving, Bobby, your photos are very tempting ... Bravo!

Rennie, did potatoes with cream of mushroom soup - all very like them. Thank you!

fries are super, I put mayonnaise in cheese became even better

are great let's try vsi4ki

One of the best things I've eaten! Will now do them every week :) Thanks so much for the recipe!

fries are rasadiha that left only the empty baking pan :). Thanks for the recipe, my wife loved it how it happened.

Very tasty and easy to prepare :)

These fries are amazing ... prooosto I love them! Reni Bravo, bravo and the way you come such delicious ideas :)

I'm glad you like potatoes. Dimoipetya, the recipe is not mine, and Gita BG Mom, I only shared it with you!

I add to favorites and will try.

Very easy and nice recipe. BRAVO!

Wonderful work! Ostensibly to garniturka mestse ... it was, you did not get fries

It seems very well and I think tonight it a try :)

great recipe delicious :)

sounds great! And it will necessarily prepared. Excellent idea! How long bake? mmm tasty

quickly, easily and most delicious!

In general I never progressed with roasted potatoes as easy to prepare. But last night I tried this recipe and got straight divine :) Once again I showed my husband, I'm a good cook;) Thank you!

Chips were great ... let you add a little garlic for flavor like that ... Thanks for the incredible recipe!

very quick recipe and spoluliva, thanks for that.

recipe sounds very seductive :)

mmm became perfect :) great recipe and very easy and fast :)

I did them, and no one could guess the right products - eee except potatoes des ... Were wonderful!

were perfect. thank

I were done several times, became super. Tried and chicken and mushroom cream soup, both ways were excellent. Easy, fast and very very tasty.