Pizza Express

Submitted by enr on 20 Jan 2009
8 slices of bread
75 ml fresh butter
1 and 1/2 cup milk
150 g cheese
5 tbsp ketchup or 1 cup tomato juice
200 g ham (skinless sausages, sausage)
1 cup sterilized mushrooms
Pizza Express
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Savory slices of bread are dipped slightly salted milk and stacked tightly in a buttered baking dish. On them sequencing ham and mushrooms, cut into thin pieces, and even a layer of grated cheese on top and sprinkle with black pepper, savory, ketchup and melted butter. The pizza is baked in an oven at high temperature and is served hot.
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20 Jan 2009
book Do you know how? 1986.


Maggie, it reminds me of your Saturday breakfast, but with improvements, I hope it is more delicious! Bravo! You still give easy recipes for which thank you!

Thank Rennie, you know how it is to be a working mother and housewife - still not enough for you time. So I like faster to prepare dishes!

Super easy delicious and beautiful, bravo Maggie! :)

I already I worked on it several times with tomato juice, but if you put a little more becomes more delicious! Thank you!

Very tasty and quick. Thank you!

is lovely;)

It's quick and delicious. I added pickles. Maggie Bravo!

My mother made this pizza when they were small, but not dip slices in milk. Is super, bravo Maggie

Super easy pizza. Bravo! In the favorite is.

Today I'm going to do is. Many obi4ame pizza at home!

pizza became great, my momi4eta very loved! Here's a picture of me!

Eli, great picture! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks for the easy and very tasty pizza!

The recipe is very good! I did it with two tablespoons of oil, lazhitska salt Pour two tablespoons of sugar, tea cup (250 ml.) Of warm water, 500 g. 405 brand flour, 1 packet of dry yeast. Top ordered cut into thin slices tomatoes three tomatoes, 200 grams. Goat cheese (feta 78 cents) soaked in water sisheni mushrooms 10-15 grams. Cut into thin pieces pour 6-7 olives, chopped sausage pieces about 30 grams. And about 200-250 grams. Smoked pork Kaiser chopped to pieces, all sprinkled with pepper, salt, cumin, basil and a little bit dry mint, then sprinkled with everything so chopped chillies and about 30 to 50 grams . Grated parmesan. Baked in the oven at 240 grams. For about 25 minutes. Was chidesna! Will always do! Thanks to the author who flashed me how to do. It was pizza for 4 people.

In comment 15 I forgot to explain that I read the recipe for the bread I decided to napryavya a recipe I make bread here in Germany. So I am grateful to the author! :)

poss01, a great option! Thank you for the nice words :)

Oh, Maggie, no need to thank! In thy recipes I've potatoes, rabbit with mushrooms, and even once replaced the meat in your recipe and made stew Deer. And to tell the truth I did yesterday and pie, again your recipe. As for the pizza, I can tell you that my wife finally made me to get out because he could not stop to eat! I can send her a picture. Mngo are your best recipes! A pancake cake above following the same recipe my grandmother made her Kalofer. :)

Interesting idea! :)

Ianko, I'm glad you like my recipes! Share photos to recipes that you prepare :)