Quick bread pan

Submitted by enr on 21 May 2009
500 g flour
10 g baking powder
70-80 ml sunflower oil
slightly warm water for medium soft dough - about 150 ml
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp sugar
Quick bread pan
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Mix in bowl the flour with the salt, baking powder and sugar. Pour the oil and stir by hand or spoon until crumbs. Insert the water little by little until the Non-adhesive medium soft dough. Allow to stand for 10-15 minutes. From the dough to make 6-7 balls. Heat a large dry skillet over 2/3 of the capacity of the heat. Each ball is rolled in size as the bottom of the pan and bake for about 2 minutes on each side. Consume is still hot, spread with butter and topped optional, or to offer a main dish.
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21 May 2009


Rally, I really like this proposal! Bravo! Goes to favorites and try it!

Reni, there are photos, probably tomorrow will come. I do very often, but right now I was about to shoot. Sigourney'm sure you'll like it:-)

I do too much I like! Goes to favorites and will try MANDATORY :) Thanks for the recipe! :)

I am glad that you like! :-)

Abe Rally was :), you will lose weight was hahahaha, but with this delicious bread what will happen? Bravo for the recipe! Super is!

Well, Vesi was :) not remind me! In only half without oil: - (

Good for me too much like this recipe. I buy from here like bread, but put it in the toaster and it inflates and it cut the two do döner-pocket it. Go to favorites, and it's easy as I love :)

Tsure, this bread can not be opened inside. He became comprehensive, not separated upper and lower side. But we are very tasty:-)

Only you feel like eating it look ... Great recipe!

Bravo for the interesting idea.

I did it yesterday and today I have a *contract*.Thank you, Aliana, amazing!

What town. Is baking powder you use?

I ask you, is because my 15 g. And smells it.

And mine is 15 years. 500g of flour wrote it. Close the stove yet to bake slowly. So there will be time to develop the baking powder to the dough swell. Or put maaalko more water. And I hate to feel it!

I sent a photo. Slightly overdid with baking, but very tasty. Recommend them!

Very well look, Galle! And my so - who prefers him make them bright and who wants - very dark. Do try to reduce the heat? Do away the taste of baking powder?

Yes, I slowed down a little baking powder, of 10 g. And poprepecheni terrifically tasty. You're an artist in the kitchen. You very happy. All your recipes are great!

super recipe after so nice comments will necessarily include myself. Bravoo!

Can this bread to be baked on hot plate? I eat this bread in place but there was roasted on a hot plate and was very tasty.

Of course, you and Satch, it is important to not put fat. Good luck! :-)

Super are the cakes, I had not done any baking powder, were great :) Well done!

are wonderful

Bravo very good recipe. Goes to Favorites

Eee, are super! I just made them and gone! We call them their pitas! Bravo, bravo!

rally if the replaced part of the flour with whole wheat or rye, will spoil things?

Ive specifically for rye bread here is sold leaven and know that is made with sourdough or a mixture of yeast and yeast. Whether it applies only to the German understanding of bread or indeed the case - that I do not know. For wholemeal dough should be no problem, I personally made wholemeal bread with yeast. Becomes more compact as a whole is heavier (not taste), ie in two equal size bread wholemeal weigh much more, and is more compact. I think it is okay to try. Often and successfully do is to add white flour bran - becomes more valuable bread and yet lightweight. Write, if you do something, what happened:-)

I did it with whole wheat flour and baked sandwich press, it was great. I added photos :)

Bravo super recipe after so nice comments

I'll take them and I do these breads. :)

Zore, a very good idea with the press, must try! Glad you liked:-)

Bravo became very well. thanks

They became excellent. The recipe works! Thanks ...

I am very glad :)

how I have not seen until now :) Tonight we'll try obligatory

Super become pitas. I made them with a half products for one time. Vodicka just maybe 60ml. I added extra. I baked them a ribbed pan coated them with a mixture of olive oil, garlic and basil. Upload a photo :) thank

Desi look very appetizing! Glad you like pitas - I often do them and always eat still very fresh :) Thanks for the positive comments :)

Well, I just know too much flour? Much of it mixed with baking powder, sugar and salt left in the bowl. Water and oil given in the recipe took even less than 400 g flour. It was a ball of dough, now do not know what will happen? I think nothing.

Ivka, water I wrote that it was *about 150 ml, medium soft dough.* According to the flour you use may be necessary to reduce or increase, it is important to become a secondary soft dough. Now it is a little difficult to bring into the dough, but not impossible - just will initially quite sticky. Feel free to add some more oil. The recipe is made many times and so far it has not happened to me not get. So do not worry and you add more liquid :)

Arise, although I was skeptical. Should be corrected, however, the amount of water of 200-220 ml.

with flour I use, 150 ml of water are sufficient. Your comment remains here, so that eventually re doing you can enjoy it as a note :)

It's easy and fast! We did a great snack!

Often they prepare and are always perfect! Cover them with butter and sprinkle with colored salt. Vkusotiika :)

Enjoy your meal, Flower! I was delighted with your comment, thank you :)

Thanks for the recipe! Quick, easy and delicious - I love these recipes - immediately goes to *Favorites*! Almost eye made bread, put more oil and water, took me 10 pieces, but smaller flat breads resembling pitas. Half made of ordinary Teflon pan and half - ribbed pan. Left natural, with oil and samardala with oil and garlic and mix with olive oil, garlic and basil. All were very tasty, I managed to shoot only 1-2, but not together! ;) I'll upload the photos!

Thank you for the positive review :) The recipe is really fast and is undergoing changes. The most important thing that you have been delicious, very happy!