Layered cake Garash (Sheraton)

Submitted by enr on 04 Oct 2007
9 egg whites
200 g sugar
220 g ground walnuts
50 g flour
# For cream Garash:
400 g sour cream
80 g sugar
400 g couverture chocolate
# For flooding:
chocolate and sunflower oil
almond pastry and green paint
Layered cake Garash (Sheraton)
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Whip, but not enough to make snow, because otherwise become very brittle. Was added gradually the sugar with stirring. Add and the walnuts and stir slightly, enough to confuse everything. Pour and flour and stir, but not with a mixer, but gently. From this mixture to make 4 boards in a greased with butter tray and must be equally large. Boards are baked well in pre-heated oven to 200-220 C. As poizstinat less taken out carefully from the tray. Leave to doizstinat, and during that time prepare the cream. Cream Garash: Well cooled cream stir very nice cream with sugar. Add a little of the molten chocolate in a water bath, stirring continuously. The boards are glued one by one with the printed cream. Top already assembled cake also smeared with cream smoothes well and leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours to postegne. Then remove from the refrigerator and pour the entire cake with melted in a water bath couverture chocolate with a little sunflower oil for gloss. On top of the cake in a circle is covering colored green peeled and chopped almonds. This is the original version of the cake Garash, which has rules Sheraton years ago. My recipe is then pastry chef there.
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04 Oct 2007


Bravo, super, from when I wanted to get hold of the recipe for *Station*, the children love it, we'll do for the holidays, thanks !!! :))))

desyj, I hope you will like this original cake recipe *Station*. Now I have not seen to sell from this original and everything is a hoax and likeness of cake.

It was so glad with all my heart as I saw a recipe because it is seen that is true :)

Yes, it sounds like just cake *Station* and not a hoax ordinary cake flour and cocoa and between stuffing of walnuts.

I loved going to do must!

Girls, I hope you like cakes. I wish you all a merry celebration of the New 2009.

At home, this cake is a favorite, but more like it with cream.

ivka, a matter of taste. I suppose with buttercream will get, but the taste will definitely be another.

Most cool cake recipe *Station*! My friends were amazed, I ... Thank Pepolina

milagro, I'm glad you liked the cakes. Cake *Station* is a classic, and when I was in the original is obtained truly fantastic. Thank you for your confidence in the recipe.

We ate her about seconds that I could not do pictures ... Most cool cake

milagro, thank you dear for the warm words.

Instead couverture chocolate can you use another example. chocolate or candy bars. Where you bought the quilt. I've heard that is available in specialist shops and lots of it / packages /.

ivka, chocolate can not be used in any case. Chocolate, you can use, but should be at - least of at least 50% cocoa. A couverture chocolate or cooking chocolate far as I know there in Metro, of course if you have in this store. I suppose the other big chains will have something suitable. I buy from distributors of confectionery supplies, or order from Novadzhel me it delivered by courier. I hope I have been helpful.

well done for a long time sow trying to find the recipe; thanks

eiliya, thank you. I hope you enjoy and taste the cake.

The cake is great. My mother makes it almost the same way ... just that she put 8 egg whites instead of 9 i20gr. vmesto50gr flour. cream Garash it this way: 400 g. 167 g cream. 500 g sugar. chocolate and 200 grams. shock. glaze. A shock. glaze: 100 grams. smetana200gr. chocolate melt in a water bath and pour cake. Cream is a liquid

denirachi, I'm glad you like cakes. For me cake *Garash* remains the classic in cakes.

For the first time I meet such a cake recipe station. My, which until now thought to be the original, only from proteins, egg yolks, powdered sugar, butter, nuts, chocolate and cocoa. No flour, cream, almonds ... Will definitely try this recipe and one day ...:-)

karry_mall, hope and my method appeal to you. But until now I never heard to put yolks in this cake. Where did you put them in the boards or cream ?! And best would be to give and your option if you do not difficult.

Here is my recipe;-) For the latter must: 7 protein, 350 g. Of powdered sugar, 400 g. Walnuts. For the cream: 7 egg yolks, 250 g. Of butter, 300 g. powdered sugar, 5 tablespoons cocoa 6 tablespoons water. For glaze melted chocolate with butter in a water bath (here an eye ... ) I hope you enjoy this recipe! ;-)

karry_mall, your cakes also sound very appetizing.

Hope you enjoyed! ;-)

I loved this recipe, I'll try zadylzhitelno. I have also provided with many huvava recipe becomes a great cake, but my cream becomes quite liquid.

sonini, I hope my version to your liking and taste. And you can safely let go and your recipe.

I made it and it was pretty cool! Thanks for the recipe!

ludesita, nothing to graces. Glad you liked the cakes.

What is couverture chocolate?

and how such boards, this cake or you mean?

Yes, boards means cake, but thinner. Couverture chocolate is pure chocolate. Upload a photo. A recipe is great!

tillia, thank you for your involvement and detailed explanation. I will only give an example to make it - clearly. The board is also kind of base, but much - thin. The rolls are made only as of the boards that are rectangular, you can not become a swamp. Specifically cake *Station* are prepared boards, but here are round. I hope I have explained clearly.

Thanks, now it has become clear how it :)

This recipe is great, this is the original cake station, which is available in all the fine dining of Balkaturist. I grew up in Sunny Beach. Top of every birthday was this cake, but decorated with chicks from tseluvchena mixture and roses from fondant. I make her next Saturday. Days Advance can prepare the latter must? Does anyone know?

Aliana, boards can be prepared in - early because dry out and become very brittle. Prepare shortly before to make a cake. Thank you very much for the evaluation of the cake. I'm also growing up with it, but years ago I worked in Balkanturist her know exactly from there.

The day before yesterday I made the cake. It was very tasty and just such, and below I have written. Bravo and thank you once again for the recipe. But to me given several issues, home, please those who also makes me explain myself and emphasize certain things. The latter must first: I nyapravih 5 pieces to finish with a base and do not have to pour the hot coating on the cream. However, my cake is received soft as pancakes. Peko them 5 minutes at 200 degrees and this was the ultimate opportunity darker you can not make them, they would burn. But even with perfect color remained soft. I put them back together in December:-). Before you pour quilt left her one night in the fridge and still remove the cream melt and leak (see photos). What *tactics* using you to not snag? You'll be glad of explanations because I intend to do again. I fell to sugar ganasha or throw it missed, but this is personal preference, there is no general recipe.

Aliana, generally boards while still warm always been soft, but only as cool tighten, but do not become very hard, of course if you are not very toasted, because then brittle. At - the top panel also dabbed with cream and after standing in the refrigerator to harden very nice, only then pour melted but not hot chocolate, and almost cold. Maybe you're flooded with hot chocolate, so I was razteklal cream. Sugar cream is a taste, you can reduce it. I hope I have been helpful.

is just superrr.

I hope to receive, such as the one I remember from 20 years ago. So it seems to me.

denirachi, Pastry you is incredible. Thank you for your confidence in the recipe. neli1100, the recipe is exactly for this cake, which you remember from 20 years ago. Then on sale this cake station, and current to me, are only the plain chocolate cake. I'm also grew up with this cake and just adore her. I hope you try the recipe if you stay satisfied with the result.

Hello! This is your favorite cake and my husband, incl.. I make her try on his birthday. I just want to ask these boards how they prepare? Bake the whole mixture and then cut it with thread or via separately? Thank you in advance of the respondents!

four boards / marshes are baked separately. So thin they can not be cut. Success and to say how it happened cake:-)

My3a, Aliana've already explained to you and thank you. As I explained and she boards bake separately - fired very quickly by looking not dry too much, because as cool crushing. Hopefully you useful information and time, I'm not late with explanations.

cake became superb! The recipe is for 10 out of six!

zya Please help! On Saturday, the child will celebrate 7th birthday. Come 21 children by 21 mothers. Children cake was bought, but for mothers to try you this station? How to make it to 24 servings? I have no experience in the cakes, but I'm king of palchinkite, it can! Whether you are doing?

Follow the recipe and you will get. I'm thrown and desire, but worst is that only in home dad eat sweet, I'm on a diet and transgressions. Will make sure he came occasion.

My3a, do me very happy. Glad you liked cakes and thank you for your trust.
ezhko, in principle, the cake is not quite so large as to be divided into 21 pieces. We have to cut the brand of thin to get so numbers and birthday seems to me that the pieces must be above - as in - decent. This is my opinion of course. And to address, follow the instructions and recipe will surely handle.

neli1100, hope Pastry appeal to you. And sins - everyone allows them sometimes :)

Thank you girls will try and tell you. I will do one and if it would do well to have a second.

with what diamerar must be baking pan. I have one cake which is 24 cm very Is

ani777y, the baking pan may be - big and it can razstelesh in - small board (about 22 cm.), But it is very important that all boards are you equally large. If you have ring is best already cooked plate while still hot to engrave it - so ensure all your boards ing are the same size and will be assembled much more - easily.

Great cake. Lately I'm doing it very often and I always becomes very nice. Thanks for the recipe.