Banitsa with Turkish gyuzleme

Submitted by enr on 03 May 2010
150 g butter
4 tbsp yogurt
200 g feta cheese
4 eggs
5-6 ready gyuzlemeta
Eggs are broken well, add the crumbled feta cheese and crashed. The butter melts. In a buttered and floured pan put one of gyuzlemetata, which has previously poked around with a fork, watered with 1-2 tbsp butter and then put the eggs and the feta cheese. This turns all gyuzlemeta, as the top not put feta cheese and eggs. The banitsa pre-cut and pour the remaining butter. Allow about 5 minutes to be watered well. Bake in a moderate oven. Recipes gyozleme: Gyozleme (Goezleme) Gyuzlemi Gyuzlemi cheese Gyuzlemi - fried
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03 May 2010


*Gyuzleme*, *Gyulmeta*, *tortilla* - can you a little more detail: what they are, how to prepare? I guess that is something like a base or crust.

Gyozleme (tour. G & # 246; zleme) is sheet flour, salt and water, while raw one of her half put stuffing, Cover, becomes a semicircle, is pressed edge and baked on hot plate for 5 minutes on both sides. After the bake, is coated with oil. The dish is said Gyozleme, not sheet, they say in Turkish Noodles (Yufka), ie homemade filo pastry.

I've done Gyuzlemi, Rally straight + 1c. l vinegar dough! There may be an error in the name simply

recipe is a grandmother several times in a row which has won competitions for pies is very nice, so I got but I have no recipe for *gyuzleme*