Submitted by enr on 05 Jul 2011
3 egg
200 g feta cheese
6 filo pastry sheets
100 ml milk
30 ml olive oil
1 tomato
fresh basil
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Muffin pan shape and arrange pre-cut squares filo pastry sheets (3 layers are better). Beat the eggs with the feta cheese and fill each basket with a spoon. Cover with 3 more plastcheta of chopped peel, again put the filling, then turn onto the ends of the peel inside and cover with stuffing. Stir milk with olive oil and put one scoop in each basket. Put to bake for about 20 minutes when the banitsi are ready to arrange them in a thin slice of tomato and sprinkle with fresh basil, return them in the oven for another 5 minutes.
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05 Jul 2011


They look great and go to favorites! Great idea!

Thanks :)! Glad you like it! Good appetite! :)

Very interesting way to prepare!

Very good idea for basket-muffin. For one week I made them two times, but I put in the stuffing and leeks as for flavor. Will soon put a photo. Peel crispy and the filling is soft. If you put 1 again. peel will come out 12 pcs. Muffy.

I am glad that you like. The filler may be of all-matter of taste. I tried pumpkin, spinach and cheese ... in every delicious :).