Basic recipe for sugar cookies

Submitted by enr on 27 Apr 2013
200 g unsalted soft butter
200 g very fine sugar (I used powdered sugar)
1 egg
400 g flour
About vanilla cookies, add 1 tsp vanilla / vanilla powder
lemon cookies for added zest of 1 lemon
About orange cookies add zest of 1 orange
chocolate cookies replacing 50 g of flour 50 g cocoa
Basic recipe for sugar cookies
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First mix the butter with the sugar (I used icing sugar ) and fragrant flavor (in my case 2 vanilla). Not to be confused for a long time to not crack the cookies baking. Add egg and stir with a mixer until a uniform mixture. Finally, add the flour and everything is kneaded by hand until a dough. Form a ball of dough and wrapped in foil. Leave in the refrigerator at least one hour. Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to a thickness of 0.5 cm. With shapes cut the cookies. The cookies rank on baking paper and cooled again in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. The latter is done in order to preserve the shape of the cookies baking. Bake at 180C for about 8-12 minutes, depending on the size of the cookies. After removing from the oven and cool on a wire rack. Decorating is optional. I used fondant. * From the mixture out about 45 medium sweet. * The cookies do not change shape after baking, so are suitable for decorating with royal icing or modeling table. * Can be potpyat in melted chocolate. * Turn in foil, the cookies can be stored in a cool dry place up to one month.
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27 Apr 2013


Another beauty of gold represented the name and the hands you are golden, I admire the skill and patience you possess greeting.

steffanell, so its nice :) thank you very much.

gold, great sweet:) Jump your * envy *, in the good sense, of course, a great sweet that you do! May you become funny, but I've never done, even cake! Neither the pie, not to mention the cakes! My boyfriend is in these things, and now I do not have to. Yet stops me that if I do and I do not get (which is normal) will laugh at me:) But, as they say, there is always a first time for Easter and I can * try * ...

Manuela85, I'm glad that you like :). There is always a first time, follow the recipe exactly and will get. Sweet is easy and very tasty.

I apologize in advance for the stupid question, but how to fund sheet adhesive sweet? I want to make sweet, obtain and fondant

P :) :)

gold, congratulations for this beauty! I just saw them in pictures. BG and immediately switched here! :) Amazing are!

miroslava123, did not you stupid question that I asked myself when I decided to decorate for the first time with fondant. I know of several ways: with a solution of sugar and water, broken white or only with water as I do. Enough is too little water can be applied using a brush (if no straight-boo) on the bottom of the figure cut by the Fund and place it in the / u sweet. Pat gently squeezed and ready. tillia, thank you dear.

emi03, very beautiful sweet

Ah'm ready with my carrots, cheerful ladybugs and daisies bloom for Easter :)

Zllate. great enchantress you are cooking! I bow to the beauty that you created. Admiration!

ren4ok, very glad that you like what I do. Thank you for the nice words :) very much dear :)

gold, dear - you create amazing beauty! As of hand nepipnati are - so perfect! Maystoritsa and half her! Hello! :)

CVETETO3101, thank you darling :) Quite toyed with them, but the result is worth ... were very happy :)

are great. Congratulations. Envy of your guests :) Would you share what flour, what icing sugar (a company) use, as well as soft unsalted butter. Thank you in advance.

Thank SeloS:) The products in this case are: flour- Sofia Mel, p. the sugar ET Tony - 93 German and oil with a Cow front:) But in general do sweet do at the moment.

Zllate, gorgeous cookies you made. Many are fresh!

Incredibly beautiful cookies! great work! Congratulations! :)

Thank you girls :) Congratulations Resurrection of Christ. Let blessed Easter - let there be health, much happiness and joy!

I tried the recipe and shared picture :) But I would like to ask after how the decoration should be - hard you stay or you weak? These 4 I made I would say that I received not quite, but almost as soft pastries. I know plenty of them Mokrino or indeed become such? Thank you.

SeloS, wonderful ladybugs, many have become beautiful :) Sweet is not rolled very thin and bake until lightly begin to redden their edges otherwise risk becoming hard. Write that statement for all who decide to try out the recipe because I had a similar question of personal. When you bake cookies are slightly crisp, but very fragile - as biskvinkite Everest. Decorate them with fondant not modify them in any way, you remain so after it. I do not wet herself sweet and cropped piece of fondant which will embellish. Cover a little water, using a brush (dunk her istraskvam so the bottom is slightly softened and easily adheres without affecting the very sweet and to change it) and set it on top and. I have no idea why your have become soft like pastries (I can not orient well in picture) think of two reasons to become so. One is to have a thicker cut than necessary before baking and therefore can not be baked well, the other, to get them soaked more than is needed to decorate with fondant.

zlatte, may I ask the decoration on top of the ready-mix or is personally prepared, and if personally prepared would you share the recipe :) Thank you for your sweet are amazing;) :) :)

diavolcheto, very glad that my sweet you Harris:) decoration is ready fondant, I ordered it from sites confectionery supplies and decorations. Can be prepared and homemade fondant / has quite recipes around the internet, I think that here in any chef / but I have not tried it, it seems complicated and I'm not sure that I could do it and fit elastic as store-bought.