Biscuit Bites for unexpected guests

Submitted by enr on 28 Oct 2011
round or rectangular soft biscuits (tea, oil)
48 g Confectionery cream cream of Dr. Qetker
150 ml milk
jam of your choice
Biscuit Bites for unexpected guests
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This is an idea to prepare a quick dessert. The cream is prepared according to the indication on the packaging with 150 ml cold milk. On biscuits put a little jam (fruit jam, jam, fruit jelly) and squirted cream (or put a tsp). You can now run wild fantasy housewife - top to put some fruit in season (grape, strawberry, raspberry, etc.); nut; to sprinkle with coarsely chopped nuts; coconut; chocolate sprinkles or chips; sugar sticks or pieces; cocoa, etc. * to me was some milk, boil it, pour 2-3 tbsp fine oatmeal. As swollen and poohladiha them sweetened with a few drops of sweetener half stained with cocoa I distributed over part of the biscuits and consumed as described above.
Very easy
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28 Oct 2011


I had not thought of this sweet version, I do with small crackers as snacks superimpose caviar, pate. I liked the sweet version as soon as possible and will implement it.

It is like a man of elbow grease, whatnot think! And your salty snacks are a great suggestion! I really wondering where to sign up this idea, do not accept as a recipe, but not invented anything and so I wrote it down. Probably not bad to have a section in the catalogs where to share such ideological.

Auuuuuuuu what delicious photos. Great idea. Put in favorites. Will put evaluation and although I have not tried, because I am sure of the outcome.

Thank you, girls! I am glad that the idea is perceived and my long hesitation whether to get the recipe and pictures was unnecessary.

Thanks for shared idea! Seem made for a cocktail, but not as quick cooking.