Biscuit layered cake with croissants and cream

Submitted by enr on 17 Sep 2011
450 g biscuits
3 croissants
1 liter milk
150 g starch or ready cream cake
12 g gelatin
250 g jam of your choice
3 tbsp honey
6 g desire
walnuts for sprinkling
200 g sugar
Biscuit layered cake with croissants and cream
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Part of biscuits lining in an appropriate form with movable walls, top rank croissants cut into circles. Half put milk to boil and add half the sugar and starch, added previously dissolved gelatin, again half (6 g). This mixture is poured carefully biscuits and croissants. Unfinished cake put in the fridge to allow the gelatin to tighten with cream. Sweet put in a small saucepan gently boil, add honey and a little water and stir it to dissolve and blend well. Once ready add 6 g gelatin, previously dissolved and pour in the sweet. This mixture is poured over cream again and leave in the fridge to harden sweet. Once almost tightened cake rank the remaining cookies on top and again returned to the refrigerator. So the biscuits will not be rearranged. The remaining quantity of milk, starch and sugar is prepared in the usual manner, gelatin was added in solution, and this mixture was poured onto the biscuit. Cake again leave in the fridge for 4-5 hours, and preferably all night. Finally put ground walnuts for decoration.
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17 Sep 2011


A new version of the biscuit cake. Biscuits ordinary Are or more. type and melt you in milk before you line up?

usual to have a homeland, not I have melts into nothing better to limp

Can you tell me again what is the total amount of gelatin and for each of the three cream on how gelatin put?

is the total amount of 3 packets of gelatin. Both put in the cream, but you do half cream first, then put 1 packet gelatin, then put in 1 packet sweet with honey and gelatin 3 is placed in the other half of the cream

Petya, 150g starch seems to me that much, because 1pak. 55g is hence that you put 3 goals again. 1 liter of milk, lest you be mistaken when writing itself?

That's what I'd ask. Starch and gelatin I see mnozhko for this quantity of milk. Otherwise, the recipe is interesting as a variant of biscuit cake and have to try.

in a thick cream I wanted to be so I put more starch, it is not even ready starch and cream cake that used in cake with cream croissants and a picture of the packaging of the cream. If you do not find the cream in my photos you will see it. Otherwise it should be 2 packages starch, but because the recipe is izmilslena and did not know how to do the very cream, just in case I put another packet.

Tonight I made the cake and is already in the refrigerator. Tomorrow I will share the results.

well you'll be glad you liked

Cake is nice, but I must or milk is 1, 5 l. Or gelatin is a total of 2 packets, razpradeleni three cream.

I do not know I got better, the cream was thick as you want less milk, more starch. Try a different proportionality and ready