Biscuits Lakomka

Submitted by enr on 22 Aug 2009
400 g flour
100 g corn starch Natural
200 g butter
200 g pork lard
2 eggs
160 g of powdered sugar
40 g vanilla
Biscuits Lakomka
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Of all the products knead shortbread. Do not interfere too much not to grant of the butter and the lard. By collecting a ball with the same consistency and is ready. The dough is taken less and put in the tray Lakomka (mine for many years and I brought from Russia and says so, so and biscuits I have them baptized with that name). Biscuits are made directly in not oiled tray and bake in preheated oven until very pale pink - must remain white. Even if you are a little soft, as they cool their cure. I roast them at 170 C in a fan 2 and 4 level from bottom to top - 2 trays at a time.
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22 Aug 2009
The recipe I believe is at the BG cheat, but I'm not 100% sure


This cutter as telling her it's safe injection with different prefixes (suffixes)? My mother makes them exactly, except that all fat is oil, no grease. In our vanilla shortbread tell them:-)

Aliana, to just such a clipper. Mine is brought years ago by Russia and says Lakomka. So I called them and biscuits so for them to know what are gun. Try to grease and oil, I think this combination you'd like.

Pepa, back me back in time. Then in vogue was that *press sweet.* Still keep it, along with recipes for her. Cookies offer are great. Just melt in the mouth. Can be made with margarine, but the experience that I have really become the best combination of mass oil.

tillia, to that cookies are quite old, but I thought someone might still keep your shtpritsa and pozainteresuva the recipe. A few months ago in a reklamka saw this gun, but I can not remember exactly where and judge from there that still sold somewhere.

Very well you did. In the end, which is nice, is nice.

Here these prefixes are a standard part of the machines to grind and almost every household has one, an integral part of Christmas preparations is spraying baking cookies. Although I never dawned on me how you became horizontal trimmer, but molding baking pan ... I do not have one (failed integration?:-), May be mobile and everything is much easier, I do not know.

Aliana, is moving to. Separately is, not clipper meat - it seems to me that it would become for ordinary cookies, because my machine for meat and I bought such boxes, but are quite different.

I do not know whether attachment to grind the hair will become exactly those biscuits. I have one press of my mother, she is Czech. It has a dosing device-pressing put a precise quantity of dough and all cookies are the same. Will it work with this trimmer to grind? In the box I found a few recipes, written by my mother, most with oil.

Well I do not know, not that I wrote ...

Rally, these attachments will be. And I got them from my mother, but they are different in shape spray biscuits. But the dough you can safely use it. No matter the shape, the question is the taste that they have.

put pictures of the press for sweet.

I had forgotten about these cookies. My mother has the same press. I'll do. Thanks for the idea, Pepi! :)

tillia, thank you for the photo. This is precisely the press. Somoni, mine is a little - ons.

lubopitka, cookies hope you like them.

I love these sweet, but I press. Mine was plastic, difficult to work with her and broke. I think those are gone from metal, which are very healthy.

desislava_pm, my press is also plastic, but I have no problem with it. I can not remember how many years and use it untouched. Maybe your just happened, but I know girls who bought recently by these plastic that sell now and at least for now are happy.

Well, you'll have to look again press, I had just forgotten about these cookies until I saw the recipe you. If you say that the current healthy, I hope this time is successful ... but I doubt to be like one of those times. My grandmother had and I remember her well, but do not know where is stripped. Thanks for the recipe.

Desi, I hope this time to miss robust press. Thank you for your kind words.

become magical! Thanks for the great recipe. The syringe my gathering dust for 20 years.

kukuvalka, I'm glad you liked the cookies. At home much respect them and prepare them very chestichko :)

Today I naravih them as a rehearsal for the upcoming holidays, the result is excellent. Were crispy and melt in the mouth, ideal for coffee. It is not complicated to prepare and quick. Thank you!

Sirena, thank you for your trust! I am very glad that sweet you hit it and you delight!

And I do them regularly, without reason and I am very pleased with the recipe.

ves_janeva, thank you dear for the good reviews! will get me to roll up my sleeves and sets up and I :)