Bread with different flours

Submitted by enr on 12 Feb 2013
2 cups white flour (250 g)
1/2 cup corn, black, linen and gram flour (about 2 cups - 250 g)
7 g of dry yeast (500 g flour)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp sunflower oil
300 ml lukewarm water
olive oil spreads
Bread with different flours
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Very good mix flour, dry yeast, salt and sugar. Add the oil and the water gradually. The mixture is stirred with a spoon or with a dough mixer mixer. Messi is a few minutes on a floured surface. Relatively hard dough is kneaded - sticky, but should not add more flour, or if necessary - very little, because it is hard. Place the tray in a form or pre-greased or baking paper. Cover and leave in a warm place to rise. Place in cold oven. Bake at 170-180 C. She tried to stand with a wooden skewer. The finished bread is wrapped in a towel and leave on a wire rack to cool. Or is coated with a little oil and without turn is placed on a grid. Once completely cool, store in a paper bag or in a clean, thick cloth. Remains with a soft crust and interior. Slightly crumbly in the coming days. * This bread is not beautiful and fluffy. It is delicious, thick, extremely nutritious and filling, healthy, survive several days without moldy as Commercial Premium! It eat less! :) * 1 cup = 200 ml = 125 g flour
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12 Feb 2013


Oh Ina will immediately try to dress it. I like your bread, just eat them!

Snow, I'm glad that I have provoked you to cook healthy bread! You can use a combination that is your taste:) I wish you luck!

Ina, just ask flax and gram flour ready option you sold or grinding grain? Hopefully not laugh at me Merry Cooks!?!?

snowy, nobody will laugh on any! That's what the comments. I did not know until recently that there gram flour. One learns while alive. In internet I learned a lot :) The question - both bought ready meals. Especially for flaxseed once tried to breakage in different ways, but it is very difficult - it jumps like a living :) :) :)