Brioche layered cake Pastichera

Submitted by enr on 13 Dec 2010
1 ready kozunak (I use with raisins)
# For the cream:
6 yolks
110 g granulated sugar
90 g flour
750 ml milk
vanilla essence
30 g butter
handful raisins
60 g chocolate
Brioche layered cake Pastichera
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In a deep saucepan put the egg yolks and sugar and mix with a mixer for 2-3 minutes - to a thick creamy mass. Add flour portions and continue beating. Little by little, pour the milk and stir. Finally, add vanilla. Boil over medium heat, stirring constantly with a wooden paddle. Boil until it thickens and begins to boil - bubbles obtained. It's nice to boil minute - two, but to mix well and to reduce or turn off the heat. After switching off the stove to continue stirring because of the heat, it is possible to burn. When still warm, butter is added and stirred to dissolve. Can with a mixer, and could only with the blade, with intense movement, in order to obtain a smooth and creamy fluffy mass. Everything takes about 30 minutes. Until the cream is still quite warm, the kozunak cut in slices with a thickness of 2 cm. Glass bowl covered with baking paper (or foil - plastic, aluminum - whatever there) and is coated with a layer of cream. Cream on tightly arranged slices kozunak, complemented with pieces to no hole remains. Then again and again cream kozunak. Are 3 layers, ending with cream. Throughout put plenty of cream to go out and removed in the edge of the cake also has cream. Allow to cool. Then put in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 24 hours to absorb the cream. Attention is quite easy on the tray, the paper also separates very easily. Melted in a water bath chocolate. It thoroughly spray the cake. If chocolate is 100 g, and the entire cake can be flooded with chocolate.
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13 Dec 2010


This recipe is just for me - easy no bake cake. Looks very tasty! I've cake on this technology, but not with cakes and ready rolls, cut into slices, it is very successful. I think at this cream can be added as desired and bananas between rows, it's all about fantasy.

I've done something similar and it pretty quickly, and the result is excellent, but I have not thought to turn on a baking pan, which LYUBCHO thank for the idea.

Lu4a, thanks for the recipe. Will surely do. Looks delicious.

Thank you girls, and I thank the author that offers a simple, fast and delicious cake for working ladies.

seems quite delicious and not difficult to implement should try holidays

Super retseptichka. Already in favorites.

great taste! Thanks again, lu4a!

Elti, you did a great cake! And I'd really like the taste and. Surely this will be our Christmas cake. You can add a variety of dried fruit in cream and will become a wholly Christmas.

We'll have to try this Cakes! Looks great!

already Bookmark

Among the pieces I put pieces of cake fruit jelly. (The idea of ​​the forum. Section *Ideas and creativity ...*. BRIDA told it to me:-)))). I do not have a picture of a piece. Tomorrow if not forget to take pictures.

how big cake 1kg. Smaller or larger? The recipe will definitely try, foretell that will be gobbled no time ...

I bought cake 550 - 600g. Just enough for one dose of cream.

amazing light and delicious cakes! Bravooo!

Today I made it in mini version.

look very appetizing :)

Stahotna torti4ka will soon try it and we.

And I think it a try, after Easter, that then remains pretty cake! Looks delicious - as always ELTI - great pictures!

do the same cake instead of cake, biscuits, very nice, easy and light cake

Light and very very delicious cakes.

This time she had rearranged in the normal way, without her turn. Among the latter must put sweet cherries.