Chicken in Albany (dough)

Submitted by enr on 15 Aug 2010
1 chicken (800 g - 1 kg)
4-5 green peppers - Sivria
4-5 onions
300-400 g sterilized sliced ​​mushrooms (optional)
2-3 tbsp paprika, black pepper, 1 tbsp vegeta
1/2 bunch parsley
sunflower oil (olive oil)
700 g readymade dough
Chicken boned and cut into chunks. Onion cut into crescents and peppers into strips. The fat is heated in a deep pot. Fry the chicken, then add the onions and peppers and fry them until soft. Mushrooms drain and add to other products. Add spices and fry for another 5 minutes to weld filling. Defrost the dough is kneaded with a little flour to avoid stickiness. Divide into 1 large (2/3 of the dough) and one small (1/3 of dough) ball. Most ball rolled into a sheet with a diameter larger than the pan in which you will bake Albany. Tray oil and sheet is transferred using a rolling pin, the ends of dough remain hanging outside. Pour the filling. Smaller crust rolled diameter as the tray and placed on the filling as cover. Thick edges of the bottom crust is cut with a sharp knife around the edge of the tray. Thus shaped bottom crust capped on the upper cover and pressed by means of a fork to seal. The upper crust is pricked with a fork in several places. Bake in preheated oven at 200 ° C until ready (as shook tray - Albany to move freely). Taking out of the oven, are sprayed using a sprayer and turn to choke.
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15 Aug 2010


Very interesting recipe with a very interesting name! Will try.

It is very tasty dish, but I do it with boiled chicken and steamed vegetables for health reasons.Thank you for reminding me about this recipe 2 in 1.

Thanks for evaluations, I'm glad that you liked

dish know it as *Chicken in crust.* Becomes very tasty. Can be made with other meat. A version of akva7 really healthy and will take it.