Bump pizza

Submitted by enr on 08 Jun 2011
300 g flour
250 ml milk
4 eggs
2 red peppers
200 g fresh mushrooms mushrooms
250 g of salami or ham or tuna or mixed ingredients optional
1 onion, chopped (optional)
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
250 g cheese, diced
Bump pizza
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Takes a large bowl with a tight-fitting lid. Heat the oven to 200 C. vegetables are finely chopped, sausages into cubes or strips, if used fish is broken. Everything is placed in the bowl, close tightly and shaking until it stops to hear and move. Pour into square pan on the stove, covered in advance with baking paper and spread well. Bake for 30 minutes. * All components can be replaced or mixed as tentative about 350 g of vegetables and 250 sausages. * If you do it very dry mixture, you can add another 50 ml milk.
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08 Jun 2011


Interesting idea for pizza. And the picture looks incredibly delicious - will soon be bumpy at home :)

I hope you like it as me :) I do not put onions, because I forgot, but I had mushrooms 250 g, so that the texture that is seen is exactly the recipe. Actually flour, milk and eggs appear something like solder, and the result is delicious and juicy! I can only recommend it.

This piece is quite tempting to look by invitation is :)

Raising agent put you? My known the same technology makes everything is always and flour and receive things. Very pleased with this purchase.

Rally, something interesting. Goes to Favorites waiting line.

akva, no, no raising agent. Come soils it, and put here your seductive photos :)

Very interesting recipe. And very fast :) Excellent idea. I will try.

I had just obtained the domestic milk and eggs. But do not have one bowl.

Cup Wha? I did not mention any company or form :) Each tightly-closing bowl works. And if ever you do - I guess that can be broken with tel- dough (flour, milk, eggs, salt, pepper) - and mix with other products. Will not vibrate, but he will become :)

Yes, I had consideration: that I do not have a bowl with a lid :) I thought, however, that my mother has and will borrow, I jerk to try it do not mix.

soon buy a bowl with a lid! This pizza must try. It seems incredibly delicious pictures =)

instead of baking paper baking pan okay to bake with oil and sprinkle with flour? And without fat do not see anywhere in the recipe

Honestly - I do not know. If you earn this and other baked goods - and then it should succeed. I personally always use paper. And with regard to the fat in the recipe - at 250 g and 250 g sausage cheese devote enough fat, you do not need to be added separately. The result is juicy, soft pizza and is neither oily nor dry.

Last night I made with onions, corn, green pepper and tuna. I used a strange cheese, which after baking was diced and was mingled with We remained good products. By another. aromatic cheese would be much more delicious. I henceforth use grated cheese and more.

We'll soon try that in this heat kids want a dry dishes.

and I made it last night. Only I put only 2 eggs that many no fan of them either in the dough. Very well received and that dinner and breakfast.

Rally, a great idea for pizza, bravo! And what is the diameter of the pan?

Maggie, square baking pan in the oven bake, one that goes with your oven. I do not know how much exactly ... I think there are even small differences in the various models.

Thank Rally will necessarily try :)

finally made it this jerk pizza. Is gorgeous and is very fast. I strongly recommend it. Aliana, thanks for the recipe!

Elti, alfina1, I'm glad you liked the pizza :) Elti, the picture is very delicious!

I made it, it was delicious, but on me was so dry and sprinkle with water and turned a newspaper to choke. Are you watering them with your fat, that as you look at the pictures which are shiny ...

No, Maggie, no such thing. Shiny has eggs and kashkavala- he put fat in baking. I can not explain why you became dry. Plenty of flour to put? I might I have done this many times and only the strange cheese was in the other, or each time a complete success.

I really just put two eggs, but I think it is cheese ...

I'm not put fat. Everything kept my recipe and was very juicy and tasty as hell.

Lambada and pizza! Bravo, Raleigh! When I read this amazing recipe ... this was the first association that imagined ... dance heme-heme cook. I really like. Will try it.

Last night I made dinner. Was very tasty. I like the fact that the products can be experimented. I might Peko in the pan greased with oil and sprinkled with flour and had no problems serving. Excellent recipe. Thank you!

Today I made for lunch in reduced proportions, because we were only two child. Scary is delicious and really is very juicy. Instead I put pepper diced tomatoes, topped she covered with chutney.

Ivka, Milena, I am very glad that you received and your sweetness :) Milena is how top her covered with chutney? Before or after baking?

Rally, I can put chutney still in *shaking*, but forgot and she covered after pozapekla was slightly (but not quite the end). Was very tasty. And tomatoes in the paste have given very fresh taste.

Good, I'm glad! :) I have not put tomatoes until now, I was concerned that it will become watery and not baked good.

I was worried not watery and I spent a portion of juicy tomatoes (many denotations, because I was quite soft), but get a lot better.

Even when the next time I'll put, I think the pizza is just not pizza without tomato :)))) I thought and tomato paste (from thick) to *tsvrakna* less than the tube, but each time the deterrence, there was a queue. But it will try one day, I impress him.

pizza do twice already.Becomes incredibly delicious, but both times went up at one end, like a volcano.Rippled as *moyshavenata*, probably because I did not have baking paper and greased baking baking pan with oil iporasih with flour.

O, Pavlina ... very strange. Glad you like the taste, but the goal is definitely not a *curly pizza.* It's very strange what is due unlikely because of the lack of paper, here Ivka her baked without paper. Image do you have?

is incredible! I made vegetarian, I added a little fresh spinach received quite well. Upload photos :)

It looks very tasty with spinach! Bravo!

Rally, thanks for the recipe. With me were vegetables, mushrooms, corn, fresh green pepper and pulp of a tomato and sausage-ham. Her baked and put fresh tomato and basil. January I did yesterday, today we ate the rest of his part yesterday, straight from the fridge without it warm. Cold is even better.

Jack, very tasty photos! And how nice differ different ingredients! Leleeee, and I'm on a diet: (... I am glad that you have been delicious! Smile you eat?

From the pizza does not eat, but as it was interesting as he was preparing it for the first time decided to try cheese, liked it and I eat a lot. After I baked you decide to try and ham (also for the first time) and while we ate and separating pieces. So, thanks to the interesting kind of shared recipe you already Eat cheese and ham. I am very pleased. Thank you.

I am very happy! Duck sweet, eat whatever is wanted :) Let them natseluvash me!

I decided to check out your new recipes via its unrivaled! Vnay would rather shake and I!

Come on, Steph, and tell how you liked :) Very, very glad you're okay, that reappear! Embrace!

thank you very much for easy and delicious pizza. tonight I made it for the first time and loved it,

With sausage that will become delicious pizza?

If you love sausage - certainly :)

which was performed without peppers do not like them. Became very appetizing and taste of my children.

Rally, your pizza became very popular on the web.One of my virtual girlfriend (elixir) liked her before time in one of the reports *What cooked today* (in another site), these days make it.Her blog is very famous and now she promotes her again.

@ Radi, to their sweet little children of :) @ I'm glad Jack! What better than to their tastes good people? Give a link to the blog, maybe in FB :)

And I today I did it again: one dose with spinach, mozzarella and garlic, and a dose of peppers, tomatoes, peas, corn, chicken and turkey ham and gouda. Both were very tasty! I personally reached out more often to spinach;)