Cake with chocolate wafers

Submitted by enr on 04 Nov 2007
500 g yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup sugar
2 cup flour
1/2 cup sunflower oil
4 chocolate wafers
margarine spreads
Cake with chocolate wafers
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Yogurt mix with sugar and baking soda. Add the oil and flour. Two waffles grated and added to the mixture. It is poured into a tray that is pre-greased with margarine and sprinkled with flour. Bake in a moderate oven. Once removed from the oven, the finished cake smeared with margarine. Top grate the remaining two wafers.
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04 Nov 2007


flower very nice and spectacular cake. Goes to favorites.

flower, yesterday tried to do it and here's the result. Became very successful and delicious, but swapped chocolate waffles with ordinary ones I had on hand at home.

How many grams are faflite I ask because I am in Bulgaria?

mmm super favorite in order to wait :)

steffanell chocolate waffles are usually 35-40 g and obiknovenite wafer-'20, I put 4 pieces and top 2-3 pc. I hope I have Elah beneficial success

Thank you, I and will soon do and write.

Now I'm starting to do the cake, I found ordinary Bulgarian waffles are 2 small 24 g. In marshes should slazha80 GDN, how big baking pan? If someone can give me an answer I would be grateful!

steffanell, very sorry that did not work when you sadkisha. The problem is not in the baking pan, and mine is stakiva sizes and flour in grams is about 250 grams. -this Is 2 cups of 200 ml. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees.

Bravo for the recipe. Today made it very comforting thing. Only thing that I do not think I roast people .. Peko it in a round pan in preheated oven 180 grams with a fan, but I got out slightly as stodgy or May .. very hurried to cut it was still marenichko. I used Wafer Borovets, they are 55 grams. two inside and one outside.

Today I made the cake with waffles *Troy.* Very pleased! Bravo!

I've done it and became great.

I did it! Interesting and different taste!

Again I did today, but added 2h. l instant coffee into the milk. Yee ... will still do it! And put 3h. h meal.

1 cup how many ml. is? me something goes wrong obviously flour was little. When the whole recipe in cups else but when 500 g k. Milk need to know the exact weight of the flour!

My cup is 200ml. For years I do this cake, but without wafers. I know what is the density of testotoV my recipe flour is 4cup Here wafers replace one cup .. Does not assert this is experience!

Thanks a lot.

Girls, this recipe really is not very accurate. I like it I did put one kofika k. milk that is 400 g. and flour came good.

I did it Again, incredible flavor! Designated 500 g k. Milk need 3 cups of flour.

I did prevazhoden is do it and you worth

It was magnificent. Bravo. I put 400 g yogurt 2 cups flour. Once again Bravo.

This time I put in a little peanut. Top grated wafer mingled with peanuts and sprinkled with chocolate. Became SUPERIOR. Here's a photo.

An interesting arrangement, i4eto3421! Proposal with fasatsite is good and will try!

Here's a picture of the cake with ice cream. I mixed the ice cream / I cherry / with a little jam yadodi. Cutting the cake, coated with ice cream and serve.

Really easy and vskusen cake! :) In addition, I added peanuts - and put walnuts and grated lemon peel - get is pretty good! :)
I climbed 2 snimchitsi - only to be approved :)

I did it very nice cake, but I put 3 wafers inside and three wafers from above 400 g. Yoghurt. I wanted to ask eggs do not you put in it?

No, cake without eggs

was very tasty - I did it with two waffles *Hyper* but next time I would put more :)

It was a delicious cake! In the mixture added and cocoa (to become chocolate :)

I do cake for years.Past times waffles *Borovets*.Always a great result ...

baking pan with what diameter should be?

Easy, tasty and quick!

I had left halva and instead put grated wafers halva, it was great.

often prepare this cake is quick, easy and delicious. This made waffles with a focus because it only has a chocolate wafer. Two in the mix for the top two + chocolate :) The idea of ​​Didolina I loved it, next time I will do it with halva.