Fruit parfait with yogurt

Submitted by enr on 03 Jan 2009
# For the base:
1 egg
1 cup sugar
1 cup yogurt
5-6 tbsp sunflower oil
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 vanilla
# For the cream:
400 g milk
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup water
1 vanilla or 2-3 drops of lemon essence
2 tbsp gelatin (2 packets)
# To decorate:
1 compote of peaches, apricots or other
1 tbsp gelatin (1 packet)
1 vanilla
fruit of your choice - kiwi, oranges, bananas and other
Fruit parfait with yogurt
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The base is prepared by breaking the egg, sugar and vanilla. Add the yogurt and the oil and stir again. Gradually add flour with baking powder. Mix and pour the mixture into a baking dish, pre-oiled and covered with baking paper. Bake at 200 ° C until ready. The cream is prepared by broken yogurt, powdered sugar and vanilla. The gelatin is soaked in water to swell and was thawed in a water bath. Cool with stirring added to yogurt. Unstick the paper from the baked base and put it back in shape. Remove the walls of the mold is arranged fruit compote (may leave a few of the top). The base is part of a syrupy juice compote. Pour the yogurt and put in refrigerator to set. After tightening cream on it rank fruit of your choice. To the rest of the juice was added vanilla and a little water, to give a total of about 500 ml, is added and the gelatin was allowed to swell, and then melted in a water bath. After cooling poured onto fruit ordered and left back in the refrigerator to set. jelly yogurt can be replaced with ready kremcheta Dr. Oetker with milk or cream home to which was added the same amount of gelatin (2 packets). Image cake with yogurt.
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03 Jan 2009


Always avoid recipes with gelatin because they do not know exactly how to work with it. Not specify gelatin for yogurt in how water soak and melts. Will you excuse me for maybe stupid question, but this cake I remember from my childhood and I want to do. Recipe I ever even got a special form just for her. I expect your answer!

I love this cake and I'd like to do, but I worry whether I otherwise looks amazing, well done!

Tomorrow I Name List and in his honor will now do the cake. As similarly adorned I remember from my childhood, I think now it twisted the. Hehe! May become-will upload photos!

improvised much this recipe. The result was incredible, even Failed to photograph it so quickly over! :)

It is important that not photograph it, and that she liked!

Is there a way to do without baking dish because three stores and have asked?

If you have baking tin with a removable edge, try only edge. But there will be a depression where enters the bottom, you should pay attention to is the bottom, where the swamp. Another thing you can do is to cut out of cardboard, to cover him with plastic wrap and go about it with clips of the required diameter. Thus is easily removed. Good luck! :-)

Thanks mnoo Aliana :)

Amazing Cakes. Nice for summer and winter!

Milena, cake in the picture with a double dose of cream Is it legal? Today I did, but my cream was not so high. Otherwise was very tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

is not a double, the shape of the cake I is smaller in diameter.

This can Pastry her eat every day without feeling tired!

It is wonderful! Bravo! I did it with kiwi :) Unique!

made cakes and became great. After so many failed attempts of other recipes, this time I did the first time. Thanks for the recipe! :) I upload photos from my first sample.

Yes, horak, shows that their experience is successful! Congratulations! It is really amazing cakes, not tired! :)

Pastry is a gorgeous, light and very easy to implement. Since I tried I'm doing it quite often. One way of passion fruit compote and put them in the milk cream received very well. :)

Great is the cake! I can not remember how many times I worked on it and always received very well! Should hang pictures.