Chicken with Spinach

Submitted by enr on 07 May 2013
1 chicken or 3-4 chicken ham - a total of about 1.2 kg
500 g fresh spinach
1/2 cup bulgur (or more)
10-15 olives
1 onion
1/2 head garlic
1 chili pepper
2-3 small carrots
2 tbsp thick tomato paste
2 tbsp dry vegetable byulyon
fresh parsley, red pepper, black pepper
sunflower oil
Chicken with Spinach
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Chop the onion strips, sliced ​​garlic and fry in a little oil. Add chopped portions of chicken, carrots and sliced ​​olives. Fry about 10-ish minutes. Pour a dry soup, chilli julienne, parsley and stir well until the pepper and parsley put his scent. Make up 2 liters of hot water, put it tomato paste, red and black pepper, reduce heat and let the dish simmer with a lid to full readiness of the chicken. Meanwhile, cleaned and washed spinach. I do dish is chorbaliva and put only 1/2 cup bulgur. If you prefer a thicker dish, the amount of the bulgur can be increased to 1 cup When the chicken is cooked, put the bulgur and boil for another 10 minutes. Then put spinach at a time, waiting to settle, stir and remove the dish from the fire. Allow another 15 minutes to swell the bulgur and serve.
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07 May 2013


sounds very tasty, will necessarily be tested. Thanks for the idea

Thank you, we all love chicken with spinach and I hope you you enjoy :)

I tried the recipe and it was delicious, but my misfortune bulgur I was of the small and became less quality, but next time will in large bowl.

:) Different kinds of groats give a different texture to the dish. We definitely like coarse bulgur for succulent dishes. The fine, use it for meatballs or salad, and also sometimes for garnish. Best procure both types, so you will always have on hand what you like :)

dish out great! Easy to prepare, tasty and food! Miraculously, I had all products, albeit under a different kind - I used diced chicken breast, frozen spinach, dried chili flakes and veggie. Diminished water 1/2 liter and added a double amount of groats. Not esthetic, but the taste is great!

Gerganche, very happy! :) Most importantly is delicious :)