Fluffy slices with cheese

Submitted by enr on 28 Feb 2010
6 slices of stale bread
1/3 cup yogurt + 1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 egg
1/3 cup flour
100 g cheese
sunflower oil
Fluffy slices with cheese
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In large bowl put yogurt and baking soda in it, add 50 ml water, egg, salt, flour and finely grated cheese. Confused well, should get a thick porridge like cake. If rare, add a little more flour if it is thick, make a little water. Slices of stale bread cut with a sharp knife to a thickness of 1 cm and is divided into two halves. Each piece is immersed in the slurry from the two sides and fry in very hot sunflower oil.
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28 Feb 2010


And these are very nice. I will make them because I have not tried with cheese.

interesting recipe. I had not heard. Will try.

I really like the recipe will surely try.

Very interesting. Elim- will do.

and I like the recipe. Put it in my favorites for the weekend;) Bravo (:

I just made them and were very tasty

Tonight I make them, but a little afraid not to burn them ..: D: D :)

If you stay to the pan, there is no way to burn them :)

three days and invite them today have made them. Are wonderful! We liked it a lot more than usual fried slices. My husband ate them cold and still was delicious. Fry very quickly and really careful if you can not burn them.

Great recipe! Really delicious and fluffy.

nelale, great photos, it appears that you have received. Glad you liked the recipe.

Great slices, thanks for the recipe! I did a double dose, all were enchanted! Delicious and fluffy! :) Next time I fell a little salt! ;)

Very fluffy and delicious!

Villas, if you know how much I love french toast ...! Last week I invite them, I woke up thinking about them this Sunday, however, there will be no gap! :) :) :) I just dunk them in beaten egg, but this time I use this recipe, I hope you guys like them!

Pepi I and until now always I took classical with eggs, but I decided to diversify and we were very happy with the result :) This week I'm on the topic snacks, today is the turn of pancakes :)

little maznichki I received than ordinary french toast. I put them on the table, however, and very quickly devoured! :)

Today it will eat for breakfast. Something different and delicious. You will have regular ... ugh go my diet ... Great recipe.

Once again, very delicious! :)